Thursday, March 22, 2018

I got my hair trimmed at H&H Makeover Salon

Hello lovelies!

Just want to share this very short post!

I got my hair trimmed! FINALLY!
To be honest, I've neglected hair care for the longest time. I started taking care of my hair when I noticed that my hair started to thin a couple of years ago. What I did was I skipped exposing it to damaging chemicals like hair coloring and perming. I don't shower with warm water (except when I'm in a cold country like when I was in Tokyo during winter), I barely tie my hair, and I also added hair oils.

Unfortunately, I still don't get my hair trimmed regularly. If I don't get it trimmed, it will lead to split ends which causes hair tangles. And when my hair get's tangled, I sometimes get impatient when I comb my hair and brush it too strongly that it leads to breakage. Yikes!

So last Sunday, my hair became this...

TADAAAA! It's like I'm five years younger! Haha!

I wasn't planning on getting a haircut back then. I was just so bored at home that I decided to go to the mall. I just wanted to hang in a cafe somewhere and draw a portrait. But then I remembered that I need to get my hair cut!

Since it was a Sunday, there were so many people at the mall and apparently, a lot of people were also getting their haircare sessions. I was in one of the busiest malls in the metro—SM North EDSA and I didn't make any reservations so I just walked around and see if there were salons without much waiting time.

When I passed by the H&H Salon at The Block, I saw that there weren't people on the couches near the reception area or what I call the "waiting area" so I entered and asked if they accepted walk-ins and how long was the waiting time. Fortunately for me, there was a stylist who was free and I can get my haircut immediately! 

I actually have no idea about this salon. I just wanted a trim anyway so I didn't bother googling for review. Haha! So they got me seated on a booth and gave me refreshments and a cooling towel for my eyes and forehead to keep me relaxed. The place was spacious and has clean and sleek look filled with the colors red, black, and white. Angela, the one who assisted the stylist washed my hair and even gave me a head massage (she's reallllyyyy good!). 

A few seconds later I met Rene who is a senior stylist in the salon. He's so nice and considerate. He asked what style I wanted, but I actually do not have a style in mind and just said I just want my hair shorter... like five to six inches shorter. I told him my hair concerns which is thinning hair and I don't want my hair to appear flat and lifeless because it's thin. I pretty much let him do whatever for my hair and he suggested only a bit of layers at the ends and the front area and I gave him the go signal. 

The above images show the difference in length of my hair. I think he did an amazing job! Plus, my hair looks fuller even though it was straightened. I thought that if my hair is too straight, it would look thinner, but my hair looked fuller after the cut!

I know that in salons the stylist usually endorse their services and products but I appreciate that Rene agreed that I skip the hair color or other treatments that may lead to damage. Instead, he gave me some hair care tips such as diluting the shampoo with water before I apply it. Although I googled about this and what I have read so far is that it really depends on the shampoo. Hair is already dead cells so it's actually the scalp that needs love! I guess I have to pay more attention to the products I use from now on. If you have recommendations, comment them below!

Haircuts from H&H Makeover Salon costs from PhP 250.00 to PhP 500.00 (if you have it cut by a senior stylist). 

Anyway, here's how my hair looked like when I got home. 
I usually go for this length because it's still long enough to frame my face. I like that my head just feels lighter now! 

After washing my hair, this is how it looked. My natural waves are there and I still look younger! Chos! Hahaha!

Since I avoid adding more products to my hair, I just add some sea salt spray to add volume and "edginess" to my hair and some oil at the ends. I usually style my hair like in the photos above. Bed hair anyone? Rawr!

What do you think of my haircut? :)


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