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A Self-Love Retreat With Bosley Professional Strength Scalp and Hair Care Products

Hello loves!

Before the love month ended, I was treated with a pampering session at Elevation Salon in Makati hosted by Bosley. And when I say pampered, it was a day of hair care, food, and massages! I went home feeling like a QUEEN! 

This is me after the event! Ha! I looked so relaxed!

Let's rewind everything for a bit and let me tell you what the event is all about. I was invited to a blogger event which features the products of Bosley Professional Strength Scalp and Hair Care. I wasn't aware what Bosley was back then but according to the email, it "is a U.S. brand carrying premium products to help meet the needs of anyone who is struggling with fine, weak and/or thinning hair."

Upon seeing that it focuses on weak and thinning hair, I was convinced that I had to go check this out. I've been having that problem for years and I am really worried that I'll have a bald spot soon! I haven't colored or introduced harsh treatments (rebond, perm, etc.) just to avoid damage that can cause hair fall. 

I was able to take home a booklet containing details about the brand and their products. Here's some info about Bosley Pro:

- Bosley Professional Strength is Bosley doctor recommended

- Bosley Pro delivers advanced hickening haircare treatments, and styling products. Formulas are vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free and contain no additional sodium chloride.
- Bosley Pro's exclusive LifeXtend Complex provides thicker, fuller-looking hair
- Bosley Pro Starter Kits offer thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair in 30 days.
- Bosley Pro is a primary supporter of The Beauty Bus, a non-profit organization offering beauty services to homebound patients and their caregivers.

I took pictures of some of the pages included in the booklet that can help explain further the aims of the brand and how their products claim to work on the scalp:

Now that we have a background on Bosley Professional Strength, let's proceed with what happened at the Blogger's Event...

I was invited by Caroline via email and she told me that it will be a day of pampering! I will get to experience the following:

- Bosley Scalp Microdermabrasion Treatment
- BosRevive Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment
- Hair Styling using Bosley Styling Products

It was held at Elevation Salon in Makati. The place was a bit hard to locate because it's not located next to the main road. You will enter a sort of compound first. But what's awesome is that they have space for parking which is rare for a salon in Makati area that's not inside a mall.

When I entered Elevation Salon, I was greeted by Caroline and introduced me to Toni, the brand's manager; Kaye, the stylist who was in charge of  my salon experience Thomas, the head stylist who supervised; and Menchu, who was the manager of the salon.

Products from Bosley were displayed around the salon and they highlighted the products that will be used on us, mainly the Microdermabrasion and Hair Masque.

Each station in the salon had a big space! I was surprised and impressed because there's room for people to work comfortably compared to salons in malls that feels cramped.

Since I washed my hair this morning, Kaye proceeded to my Microdermabrasion treatment.

I guess since our scalp is still skin, exfoliating it once in a while can make it healthier. I have oily skin and overweight, which apparently can make me experience some form of dandruff (read more about this here) and I do get that once in a while. 

I've been looking at other websites regarding the need to exfoliate the scalp to avoid hair thinning and found this article from which states:

Over time, the buildup of dandruff and sebum can clog hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss and hair thinning. “In most cases, the follicle has two or more hairs growing from it, [...] When it’s clogged, the follicle shrinks and therefore the number of hairs growing from it are reduced.” 

Well, I usually clean, moisturize, and exfoliate my skin to keep it healthy, especially my face (to avoid getting those annoying acne!!), so why not the scalp, right? So why not try this out?

But this scalp micro-dermabrasion treatment from Bosley PH is only available when you're in a salon and Elevation Salon is one of those who have this service.

Kaye sections my hair a few centimeters apart then applies the product then massages it for a few seconds before going to the next section. I felt some granules, pretty similar to when you use face scrubs. It has a minty smell and a cooling sensation as well. 

After around ten minutes, my hair was rinsed and we were on to the next treatment.

The hair masque was not initially in the itinerary when you read the invite so I was delighted that I was able to get this because I think my hair needs a bit more love and I keep denying giving it its much-deserved treatment. It's also a big plus that I was able to get the strengthening one so that it can address my hair fall and thinning issues.

The hair masque also has the menthol-quality that feel so cool that it made my head feel refreshed and energized! I was also treated with a foot massage and it felt sooo good! I rarely get a massage because I end up with aching muscles but this time, my feel feels great! During this session, Kaye and I were able to talk about the products like how long it should be left on and how often can you avail the treatment (I can't remember this part but I think it's like two to three a year). She told me that she has had clients who also love availing the microdermabrasion and hair masque treatments and are satisfied with the effects.

The treatment was left on for ten minutes on my hair. The BosRevive Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment was used when my hair was rinsed. Both of these also are cooling and minty! The conditioner has none of those slippery silicone-y feels too.

And on to the styling part! Kaye asked me what style I want and I went with the wavy hairstyle so it gives me the illusion of having thicker hair.

The Bos Volumize Texturizing Spray was used to add more volume to give that thicker hair effect.

It has been a while since I got my hair trimmed so I do experience tangles lately and I love that my hair barely encountered any and I believe the treatments helped a lot in achieving this. I'm also thankful that Kaye has such light hands that the whole styling part feels comfortable that I keep taking selfies! Haha!

After the whole process, I'm very satisfied at how my hair looks!

Me taking a selfie and a photo with Toni and Caroline

My hair has extra volume and is smooth and bouncy! My head feels light too (in terms of weight okay? Haha!)! 

Before leaving, we were treated with lunch (my sweet tooth couldn't resist the desserts). And then I was able to take home a bag containing Bosley Professional Strength Products! Yayyy!

Inside are:
The Bos Revive Nourishing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner
There was also a big brush from The Wet Brush, my favorite brush brand!

I'll make a review post regarding the two Bosley products soon. I'll see if it helps with my hair concerns. :)

I left the event feeling relaxed and happy. It has been a while since I treated myself with a salon visit and massages! I was spoiled and I feel like I was treated like a queen! Everyone was friendly and the experience was just lovely. 

Now, for the treatments, I couldn't really say if it did anything for my thinning hair concerns because I've only tried it once. I think I should get it more to see a difference and with the shampoo and conditioner combo. I'm also not knowledgable about the science behind the treatments and how it can help with the fragile state of my hair. What I can say is my hair felt revived even after a week. I don't have as much tangles too (I still haven't gotten my hair trimmed LOL). So I guess it is safe to say that my hair feels smoother. 

That's me at work and that's my hair without any styling product, no blow dry. The top of my head still looks thin but my hair does look like it has more volume.

What do you think?

And that's all for this post. I hope you stay tuned for my review of the Bos Revive Shampoo and Conditioner! ;)


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