Monday, March 05, 2018

Makeup Experiment #21: Suzaku (Fushigi Yuugi)

Hello loves!

Here's the part two of our Fushigi Yuugi Beast Gods Makeup Experiment. The first one we did was Seiryuu-inspired (the blue dragon) and now we did the Suzaku-inspired makeup...

If you're not sure who Suzaku is, he's the god who the protagonists serves or was trying to summon. His beast form is a phoenix or a vermillion bird.

So we concentrated on creating "feathery" strokes and flame colors, which resulted to this look:

Makeup by : Me 
Hairstyle : Gucci and me
Model : Gucci
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room 

We made this after watching kilig videos of Michael B. Jordan and had wine and cheeses. Haha!

I used my almost 10-year old Nikon camera, phone flashlights as added lighting, and the back of an illustration board as the background

So what do you think of this makeup experiment? Still have 2 beast gods left! 
 Any suggestions on what to look we could create next?


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