Monday, July 24, 2017

Pre-departure Haul: 1st Shopping Trip

Hello Bellas!
I've recently been accepted in a university abroad to study a masters degree and it has been such a busy, frustrating, exciting, and nerve-wracking endeavor. With just a few weeks 'till my departure - hoping that everything else goes well - I've started putting together the stuffs I need to bring.
So here is my initial haul:
I heard make-up products are quite expensive states-side, so I decided to stuck up on the color correction/concealer I've been using a lot lately: Happy Skin's EYE NEED A MIRACLE.
Dawn introduced me to this correction tube and it's been my trusty friend ever since.
I haven't really tried the concealer since the correction tube has served me so well. But since I am not sure of how my skin will transform once I'm there, better be ready.
Dawn and I are happy to promote any locally made product we discover that are of a competitive quality. These are just a few of those that we believe are really good. Read our reviews of the correction and concealer if you haven't yet. I hope I get to promote this well to any friend I make there.
Zara's July sale is almost ending and I was so happy that I acquired this pretty find in my size! Though it is more appropriate to buy winter clothes there, my choices will be a little limited due to budgetary constrictions, plus Zara has some of the best designs when it comes to coats and jackets.
Here is the coat we found. The textile design is embroidered - not sure how to say burda appropriately in English as I don't think knitted is appropriate as well. GD (G-Dragon - Bigbang) was the reason why we noticed this piece.
Something about the color and texture just reminded us of this look from one of GD's Chanel show attendance. And it fitted quite well too. So yey!
The coat originally cost Php 4,595 and I got it for Php 1,795. What a great deal! Be sure to take advantage of the remaining weeks of Zara's July sale too! 
Just G has some of the cutest clothes. However, I kind of feel like their sizing are only appropriate for teenagers or really petite women. Which is great, but if you're a regular petite woman, or a tall girl, or of average height; Just G's sizes might not fit you well (unless you're ok with mid-riffed/hanging shirts).
Anyway, I was on the hunt for long sleeved shirts and this weird and cute piece caught my eye. I was so taken by it that even though it was a bit of a hanging shirt, I bought it. My compromise to make it school appropriate? High waist pants/skirts/shorts!
It costs Php 799. Some might argue that it's a bit pricey for such a simple piece, but I kind of felt it was ok since the fabric was thicker than all the other long sleeved shirts we took a look at of the same price range.
Anyway, that's all for my mini haul. Hope this was informative. If you ever know any good stores with a great sale that I can visit to look for long sleeved shirts at, do let me know in the comments. :)

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