Tuesday, July 04, 2017

J Cat The BIG Eye Pencils in Truffle and Marshmallow

Hey everyone!

Sharing a swatch post regarding these eyeliners!

J Cat The BIG Eye Pencils
PhP 279.00 each
The shades are in Truffle and Marshmallow.

When I visited their store at BGC, it took a while for me  to decide what to buy. The vast color selection of their lipsticks and eyeliners were the ones that kept me so indecisive because I wanted so many but have a budget to get only a few. Anyway, I bought only two for the eyeliners and in this post I'll share my short thoughts about them.

But first, the packaging. Click to enlarge the photo to read the labels.

The packaging is a twist-type pencil/crayon type. Easy to use because you don't need to sharpen it. I like that the cap is clear to see the shade exactly so it's easier to locate in your stash. The design is too simple for me. The other products of J Cat have bold and lively designs compared to this one. 

Anyway, let's get to know the product further by reading the description from the website:

The Big Eye Pencil creates bold lines and has great colour payoff! This creamy pencil offers 18 opaque shades that glides easily on the eyes. It can be used as a base or eyeshadow itself. It blends very easily and doesn't smudge when it sets. You can create a look from natural to a full glam in minutes!

Hydration with Vitamin E, Free of Phthalate, Free of Triclosan, Free of GMOs, Free of Sulfate
Among the eighteen shades available, I picked these two because I think these shades are the ones I would use most often. They both can be great eyeshadow base and the truffle one is an excellent highlighter for the eyes. I like applying shimmery light shades at the inner corners of the lids, especially at the bottom to brighten them up.

So first, here's truffle.

It's a shimmery peachy pink shade. It's a shade I often wear in a daily basis because: A. I love the color and B. It's really wearable, but still eye-catching!

In one glide of the pencil, you get this payoff. It's highly pigmented!

And easily blended. Above photo when smudged lightly while the bottom one is when blended well.

It's so pretty! It blends smoothly and it flatters my warm skin well. 

However, I noticed that it gets removed easily. I tried waiting a while before trying to smudge it in case it would set and dry for longer wear, but it didn't. That means that it would fade easily on my oily skin. I guess it would be better as base for me. It would be nice if the finish was exactly like the swatch above because adding powdered eyeshadow will obviously change how it looks on its own.

Here's Marshmallow!

I think the name fits perfectly as it really reminds me of marshmallows!

It's like the usual marshmallow fluff! Haha! The pigmentation is awesome again!

When blended well

It blends beautifully and smoothly too but the creases on the lines of my hand are more obvious when I use this matte shade compared to the shimmery finish of Truffle. I tried using this as base and it works well in strengthening the intensity of the eyeshadow I used. It does not, however, lengthen the stay of my makeup. It started to crease on my lids after a couple of hours.

To cut this short, these pencils are really awesome when it comes to pigmentation and very easy to apply! I'm also happy to say that it's very affordable and now locally available. I don't completely agree with it's claim that it doesn't smudge because it does on my oily skin. Maybe if your skin is less oily than mind, then these might work better on you. 

I still like them nonetheless. I like using them on the lower lids where it wouldn't crease, especially Truffle! 

Have you tried the J Cat The BIG Eye Pencils? Which shade/s?


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