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Review : Canmake Blessed Natural Foundation

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About ten years ago, I remember how important a powder foundation is in my makeup application. I usually wear a liquid foundation then top it off with a powder foundation. That's like double coverage. It made my face look flawless, but my foundation looked thick. As I learned more about makeup and skincare, I lessened the amount of makeup I put on and find which ones would make my skin look better but still have a natural finish.

Now I still go for liquids just because they have thicker coverage and more natural finish and then set it with transparent powder. However, I still have at least one powder foundation that I carry for retouching. The one I'm currently using is...

Canmake Blessed Natural Foundation
It costs PhP 770.00.

Below are the labels on the packaging:

Info from the website:
Cosmetics that reward your hard-working skin! Happy skin through the bounty of nature. The gentleness of a skincare regime. What busy girls have been waiting for! The new foundation to give your skin a holiday♥
Give your hard-working skin a holiday!"I'm worried about the condition of my skin because I wear full make-up every day.""I don't like foundation because it feels heavy.""I don't have time to spend on a skincare regime."
"But I just can't do without make-up!!!
"We can solve all these problems of busy girls who can't do without make-up!!!Reward (1) Natural design that cares your skin
Chemical-free formulation - No silicon, parabens, tar-based pigments, ultraviolet absorbers, mineral oils, synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives or petroleum-derived ingredients.*Please avoid applying water directly damp sponge to the puff (do not use the method).
We have created this using no petroleum-derived raw materials.Reward (2) Simple and beautiful, without feeling heavy
The light, non-powdery texture won't clog your pores, creating a soft, comfortable finish as natural as bare skin.
Contains highly transparent crystal mica that covers pores and patchy complexions for hours on end, without fading.Reward (3) Reassuring UV-reducing effect
Worried about the UV-reducing effect of natural cosmetics that contain no ultraviolet absorbers?
If so, you'll be reassured by this foundation's SPF25, PA++ formulation.
Ultraviolet rays bounce back off the natural titanium dioxide, preventing UV damage, such as sunburn and dryness.Reward (4) Organic and natural ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) care your skin
Organic basic ingredients: Edelweiss extract and jojoba seed oil keep your skin moist.
Natural basic ingredients: Plant-derived squalane is an ingredient that moisturizes your skin.
Contains Rosehip extract, lavender oil.Reward (5) Saves time - no cleanser required
You can simply rinse off your make-up at bath-time with your usual face wash.

The biggest reward for your skin ♥ Getting plenty of sleep is the key to achieving beautiful skin.

Contains : Organic and natural ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) care your skin
● Organic basic ingredients: Edelweiss extract and jojoba seed oil keep your skin moist.
● Natural basic ingredients: Plant-derived squalane is an ingredient that moisturizes your skin.

It's available in two shades—01 Light and 02 Natural. I have the shade Natural.

It cased in a compact with mirror. When you open it, you see the powder, and there's a second layer where you'll see the sponge applicator.

I like this kind of packaging because it's more hygienic. I also like the simple design. It's a bit more bulky than those without extra compartments, but it still doesn't take up much space in my bag and it's not heavy at all since the compact is only plastic.

The reason I bought this product is when I swatched it, it felt so soft and smooth. The shade Natural is also close to my skin shade.

Here's the swatch. It looks powdery here but it's not that powdery. I guess it's because I swatched it heavily. Anyway, check out the before and after photos below to see how it works on my face.

Left: Bare face
Right: With the product on

The first thing that I noticed is how awesome the coverage is. You can go from medium to heavy depending on how much you apply. I actually like the matte finish BUT I have to make sure to contour and highlight to give depth to my face, or else it will give the skin a flat finish. The shade is more yellow and maybe a shade lighter but once it sets, it blends to my skin and looks pretty natural. I have an oily skin so it adheres to my skin pretty good. It can last the whole day when used alone (no other foundations or BB Cream) when I'm in the office!

It's a pretty good product. I like it. It's affordable, easy to carry, and works well in giving my skin a flawless look. Pair it with a primer that lessens the appearance of pores and you'll get that beautiful skin finish!

To summarize:

What I LIKE:

- Great coverage (medium-heavy)
- Warm tones for my warm skin
- Packaging has mirror and double compartment
- Matte finish and lightweight
- Decent lasting power
- Locally available
- Affordable at PhP 770.00
- Has SPF25 and PA++
- No irritations
- No breakouts
- Can be used with a brush (for sheerer coverage) and also wet sponge (heavy coverage)

What I'm NEUTRAL about:
- No oil control. It doesn't claim that it does so it's not really an issue. I just appreciate products that help control the shine.

- Only available in two shades

Would I buy again? I probably will... it's just that I wanna try more first! It's still something I would recommend.

And that's all for my review. What are your thoughts on the Canmake Blessed Natural Foundation? 


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