Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Catrice Cosmetics Strobing Duo Highlighter

Hello loves!

Since the time I was convinced how much strobing can improve my makeup by giving me a youthful glow, I've been consistently using it whenever I apply my makeup. I actually have quite a number of highlighters, and as much as I want to limit them down and maybe give some away to friends, I can't. They are just too gorgeous!!!

Here's one that I love to use lately...

Catrice Cosmetics Strobing Duo Highlighter
This is PhP 499.00. Unfortunately, this is limited edition and it's probably not available anymore. I wish I knew about this earlier so I could have blogged about it sooner. :(

The shade is C01 Strobing Surpreme (Supreme?)

Further info from the website:

Light-reflecting shimmer powder
Perfectly aligned shades
For flattering highlights on the face and neckline

Reflections. The fine powder contains light-reflecting pigments to set accents on the face and neckline. The perfectly aligned shades in champagne and rosé-apricot flatter light and dark skin types and guarantee a radiant look.

It looks simple but I really appreciate how minimalist it is. I like the texture and that you can see it through the clear plastic compact. It doesn't come with a mirror nor an applicator, but I don't really mind it.

The highlighter has two tones. Majority of it is a champagne-like color while the other has a pinkish, sort of a light pinky peach rose, tone.

Here are the swatches. The one on the left is the pinkish one, the middle is the champagne, while the one at the far right is when mixed together.

I like it the best when combined. The product looks sheer when used with a brush and gives a very natural glow. If you like more visible highlight, you can use a sponge or your fingers.

Check out how it looks on me...
Left is my cheek without highlight while the right one has the product on.
See that beautiful highlights? It gives that instant youthful glow on our face! 

I like that this product is buildable and it's also not powdery. It glides smoothly on your cheek and can last around 5 hours before I need to reapply (mostly because of my oily skin and had to blot which leads to some of my makeup getting removed). It's a really awesome product and you get a lot of it with such an affordable price. Also, let's not forget that Catrice doesn't test on animals! ;)

And that's all for the Catrice Cosmetics Strobing Duo Highlighter!
What's your favorite daily highlighter?


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  1. Wow! super ganda po! Glowing nga po face skin niyo madam!