Monday, May 23, 2016

Sydney Trip (2016) Haul

Hey loves!

Last April, I went to Sydney to visit my sister and attended her graduation ceremony. I had loads of fun hanging with my sis again and she showed me around the city. She took me to places that she knew I would enjoy like museums and places with beautiful sceneries where I can take pictures. I'm so lucky that my sister knows me well. ;)

She saved two days of my two-weeks-stay there to do some makeup shopping! Yippee! There's no such thing as an out-of-the-country vacation without checking out their makeup and skincare products. Haha! I have a tight budget and Sydney is quite an expensive place to shop if I were to compare it to the Philippines or other countries in South East Asia. I relied on my sister on what products are must-haves and what I should just skip or get when I return home. 

And so, let me introduce to you my new babies! Haha! 
(If I include the price, they are in Australian Dollars) :)

First of, my gift that my sis bought for me. It's like a Christmas x early birthday gift: 

Becca Resurfacing Primer

Becca Afterglow Palette

She even gave me these lovely products that smell soooo good!
MOR Trio of Treasures in Lychee Flower
This set includes a bar of soap, a perfume oil, and a hand cream.

She also gave me some of her preloved products that I happily accepted. I'll blog swatches and reviews about these soon. ;)

Husk Herbal Tea Blends in Digest

I love drinking tea so I just had to bring at least one box home. ;)

Klorane Mango Oil ($22.95) and Klorane Shampoo with quinine and B Vitamins ($10.95)

My sister recommended this hair care brand and there was an on-going promo: you get a kit containing travel-sized products when you buy two products from them

And these are what's inside the kit:
Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter
Klorane Dry Shampoo
Klorane Conditioning Balm

Rimmel Protect Makeup Primer ($13.95) 
This is a gift or pasalubong for Liz. She'll post a review soon. :)

Rimmel Lasting Finish Full Coverage Foundation in Light Beige ($13.95) 

This is a gift or pasalubong for Liz. She'll post a review soon. :)

Lily Rose Leather Care Conditioner and Water and Stain Protection
I forgot how much these are but I remember it was more affordable compared to the ones here. We need to take care of our leather bags, you know. ;)

Rationale Sebocyte Superlight Lotion SPF50+ ($60)
I have a separate post that I'll share soon about these products.

Rationale Sebocyte Soothing Hydrogel ($60)

I have a separate post that I'll share soon about these products.

We also went to David Jones... it's like the Rustan's of the Philippines. I wasn't planning on getting anything while I was there but we were offered a free facial when we went to the Philosophy stall.

I answered some questions about my skin type and you can see on the picture above what products from the brand was recommended to help my skin get better.

As I've said, I didn't plan on buying anything but after the facial, I just had to get the Microdelivery Peel kit ($95). The kit really made my skin feel softer and radiant! 

I also took home some freebies. ;)

We also visited this very, very lovely place called MECCA Cosmetica. 
Haha! I've been wanting to visit this place since my sister talked about it whenever she buys makeup from there.

My sister booked me for a skin consultation as well as a makeover!

Pamela (she's super nice) helped me with the skin concerns and what makeup I should try. The products she picked up for me were so good and I really was tempted to get them all. I do, however, have a limited budget so I just picked the ones I liked best.

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint ($68)
This product gives enough coverage but still gives that natural finish. It looks like my skin but better!

Just look at how awesome my skin looks like! It's like I'm not wearing foundation!


Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel ($25)
My sister sent me some samples of these and it really worked in making my skin smoother and making the dark spots on my face lighter. :)

Sunday Riley Power Couple Kit ($124)
This includes the Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment and Luna Sleeping Night Oil

My sister swears by the power of Retinol to treat our skin problems. Both my sis and I have oily, acne-prone skin and you can see on our photos how her skin has improved. She usually just wear light tint while I still had to cover so many pimples and scars.

As you can see, most of the products I bought were skincare. I am REALLY hoping that all these will help me get better skin. *crosses fingers*

I'll blog about some skin stuff I learned when I visited a skin clinic here and why I bought some of the stuff in this post. Stay tuned for that!

So what do you think of all the products I got? Which is the most interesting for you?