Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Canmake Mix Eyebrow in Soft Brown

Hello dears!

Some may say that they have a hard time perfecting their eyeliner or blending their eyeshadows, but for me, I find doing my brows more difficult. It's not eyebrows in general, but my own brows because they are quite thick and the hair strands are very, very dark so making it look "natural" can be tricky, especially since there are uneven areas near the tail part.

I haven't found my "holy grail" when it comes to my brow makeup so I'm open to try out different products and brands. I already found some good ones but I still want to try more. So while I was browsing some makeup from Lunasol, we saw their brow powder palette which contains different shades. I thought it was cute and useful, but I don't think it's something that's for me during that time because I think my dark brows do not need the lighter shades. But a few weeks later, I was browsing makeup again at Landmark and saw Canmake's selection of brow palettes and I thought, "this is pretty affordable (compared to Lunasol's) so it wouldn't hurt if I buy one to try." So I did purchase one...

Canmake Mix Eyebrow

Bought this for PhP 490.00. The shade I bought is in Soft Brown because I think it's the shade closest to my current hair color.

To learn more about the product, check out the product info from the website:

You can use just this one item for everything from eyebrow make-up to nose-shadow!!!
Mix the three graduated shades to create a color as unique as you are.
Highlight your eye make-up and create natural shadows the way you want.
• You can mix the three light and dark shades of powder to adjust the shade and create one that is perfect for your own eyebrow color.
• The powder has a moist texture, so it clings to your skin, without dispersing.
You can create color in exactly the place you want it.
• The nose-shadow blends in well to your skin, highlighting your natural shadows, bringing out your features and emphasizing your eye make-up.
• Compact comes with a handy double-ended brush and applicator tip.

[01] Yellow Brown

A yellowish-brown that blends well 
into your skin.
The perfect color for those with brightly colored hair. For a neat, cool impression.

[02] Natural Brown
A standard brown that can be used with all types of make-up.
The perfect color for those with natural hair color.
For a girlish, feminine impression.

[03] Soft Brown
An ash-brown that blends in well with your natural eyebrow color. The ideal color for those with darker hair color.
For the soft-looking eyebrows of 
a natural beauty.

[04] Grayish Brown
A grayish brown that gives a soft finish, despite the darkness of the shade.
For those with black to dark brown hair.

The product comes in a transparent, hard plastic. I like the simplicity and the practicality of the design. It's travel-friendly and you easily get to see the shades of the palette.

It also contains a double-ended applicator that I rarely use because it's too small. The brush has very soft bristles though!

The reflective material that sort of act as a mirror doesn't really work as well, but that's not such a big deal for me. 

This is the palette. As you can see, the shades are neutral colors. Each shade can be pretty useful as mentioned in the product info. The center shade is a good contour product for the nose and all three can be used as eyeshadow (especially to add definition and a deeper set pair of eyes). See photo below for swatches.

It's quite pigmented but not too strong to overpower the brows. I like the consistency because the finish isn't too bold but it still gives enough color to fill in the brows.

Below are photos of how the product performs on my difficult brows:

Bare brows

With only the darkest shade

This is how I normally use it. The darkest shade fills the gaps without looking too odd.

With the other shades + a brow mascara

This is how I wear all three shades if I apply brow mascara. Without it, the blackness of the hair strands do not go well with the lighter shades. 

This product can stay the whole day on my brows without retouching, even on my oily skin! If you use it as contour product or eyeshadow, you might need to use a makeup primer first to extend it's lasting power.

I really think that this is a good product and I believe that it's something that I will recommend if anybody asks me what brow powder product to check out. Unfortunately, I think pencils or brow cream/liquid/gel type of brow products work better for my thick, dark brows. 

Have you tried the Canmake Mix Eyebrow? Which shade? What brow product do you use?



  1. Looks nice! Have you tried the maybelline brow palette?