Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Can Your Hair Pass the Hagod Test? Mine did!

Hello guys!

It's been eight months since I chopped off my permed curls. I love having curly hair but because of how dry and damaged my hair was, I just had to get rid of it. Now, I'm sporting my natural straight (with some wavy parts) hair and I'm trying to keep my hair healthy and well-moisturized (until I get the urge to get it colored or permed again). For this to work, I make sure I use conditioner on my hair daily. 

Quite recently, I received this package...

As seen on the photo, there's the question, "Can your hair pass the hagod test?" Reading this I quickly remembered Palmolive since I've seen their commercials before. 

The package contains three of Palmolive's conditioners plus their press release regarding their "Hagod-softness" campaign. Read below to learn more:

Let Your Hair Down and Do the Hagod with Palmolive Naturals Conditioner

Starting from the crown of her head to the tips of her soft hair, the hagod is a signature move of the modern, independent woman. The hagod involves running her fingers through her hair – stroking it from the roots to the tips. Whether the hagod results in gathering locks to one side or letting hair naturally fall back into place, every modern woman knows that the hagod is only possible with hair that’s soft and manageable.

The hagod expresses her hair’s softness that lasts through the day, just like her feminine confidence. The hagod signals that she is ready to let her hair down and face whatever is coming her way. Her hagod-soft hair is a source of confidence, allowing her to effortlessly own her day.

As a fresh graduate stepping into a new career, she relies on her hair’s softness to impress her colleagues. As a night-shift worker in a fast-paced environment, she is assured of soft hair that lasts well into overtime. And as a hairstylist who can inspire confidence with a single cut, her hair embodies the softness that all her clients aspire for.

Palmolive Naturals Conditioner ensures her hair is always hagod-soft and hagod­-ready from day to night. Its formula, infused with 100% natural extracts and micro-moisturizers, penetrates deep into hair. With continued use, Palmolive Naturals Conditioner gives hair long-lasting softness, every woman will want to do the hagod from day to night. Plus, it has Palmolive’s signature, long-lasting fragrance, releasing an irresistible scent with every stroke.

As in hagod-softness that helps a fresh grad ace her interview, hagod-softness that lasts a call center agent well into overtime, and hagod-softness that makes a hairstylist someone you’d trust with your hair – ikaw, ano ang hagod mo?

Share your Palmolive Hagod on and use the hashtags #ItoangHagodKo and #PalmoliveHagod.

Have a great hair day!

I'm currently using the Healthy and Smooth variant (the green one) and it's doing a great job in keeping my hair well-moisturized throughout the day! Here's how it looks:

And when I do the hagod test...

It's not as gorgeous as Megan Young's hair, but look, no tangles! Yay! My hair smells terrific all day as well. :D

See Palmolive's TVC below with their latest ambassador, Megan.

Have you tried doing the hagod test yet? Did you pass?


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