Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ARTDECO Glam Vintage Highlighter in No. 5 Glamorous Starlite

Hey loves!

Christmas is just around the corner. And during this season, I love wearing sparkly eyeshadows and lipglosses. With all the bright lights and beautiful ornaments decorated around our homes and offices, it makes sense that we also try to make ourselves look extra special this season too... at least for me. Haha! 

Since last month, I've been fond of doing sparkly makeup looks so when I visited a Beauty Bar branch some weeks ago, I just had to buy this product because the deal was soooo good...

ARTDECO Glam Vintage Highlighter
I was able to buy this for PhP 897.50 from its orginal price of PhP 1,795.00.
Told you it was an awesome deal! ;)

It's available in 2 shades. The one I have is Glamorous Starlite while the other one is Glamorous Amethyst.

See below for the information about the product.

Info from the website:

This shimmering Highlighter and Eye shadow powder in three elegant shades has a soft texture which submerges the eyes in a sea of sparkling lights. Your eyes are finely lustrous as if dusted with shining diamonds. The lighter tones are perfect as eye shadow and highlighter for the lids. The darker tones emphasize your eyes.

Free of lanolin and fragrance.


Goes on very well with a brush or an applicator and leaves a silky feeling.

The packaging actually caught my eye when I was browsing at the counters of Beauty Bar. I love art deco prints lately and I've recently incorporated them in my artworks. 

Other than the pretty design, I like the material used. It's a metallic compact that would not get dirty easily. I like that it's not bulky so it fits nicely in my vanity kit. And I like that it has a built-in mirror as well!

The product comes in three different shades and each one is close in tone and they create a beautiful gradient effect when blended well which you will see later on how I apply it.

What I love about this palette is it is a multipurpose one. I can use all three shades as eyeshadows while the one in the middle can be used as a highlighter.

These are the swatches. 
It's a mixture of simple, neutral colors and bright, metallic sparkles. The combination of these pigmented shades can create different looks that's great for the Christmas season. 

And if you were wondering how it looks if you swirl all shades together, the pic above shows it. lol

Anyway, here's how I usually use the palette:

As a highlighter, I apply it on the high key points of the face or the areas where the sun light touches the face.

This really brightens the overall look.

And here's how it looks when as my eyeshadow:

The shades are neutrals but the sparkles add the glam! Pair it with a bold lipstick like a loud red or fuchsia and you're set! 

So what do you think of this palette? It's such a steal right at half the price off??? :)



  1. Bakit ang galing mong makahanap ng deals sa beauty bar? I get intimidated when I enter Beauty Bar because there are too many items to choose from! XD I want to try Art Deco shadows :) I'll check their counter if they have the pink I'm -still- trying to find.

    1. May radar ata ako. Haha! They always have a stall with the items on sale. Just ask the SA there. :)