Thursday, November 05, 2015

Review : Max Factor CC (Colour Correcting) Cream

Hello loves!

Being a makeup junkie, I love trying out different makeup. So I casually stroll at the beauty sections of malls and check out different products from different brands that I could try out. I've bought many that I surprisingly liked while some were disappointments, but there are a handful that I felt somewhere in the middle... meaning, I really want to like them but some of the cons are too important to ignore. One of them is the one I'm reviewing for today's post...

Max Factor CC Cream
I bought this for PhP 695.00.

The shade I got is 60 Medium. It's available in six shades and this is the 4th from the fairest. Most, if not all were beigey in color.

I bought it mostly because of curiosity to try something new and because it claims to provide skincare benefits while making your skin look radiant as seen on the label:

Info from the website:

Introducing the original cc cream from Max Factor – a clever ‘does it all’ formula that combines the benefits of flawless coverage with added skincare ingredients that moisturise and smooth the look of your skin.

Lightweight formula gives natural coverage and a flawless finish.
This intense multi-tasker corrects colour imperfections.
The formula, with glycerine, hydrates skin leaving it feeling moisturised.
Combined skincare ingredients work together to brighten complexion and give smoother-looking skin.

With cc cream, a swift application works best. You don’t need to fuss over blending as the formula smoothes quickly and easily over skin.

Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips and gently rub together – warming the product makes it even easier to apply.

Starting under the eyes and around the nose, apply in small circles and work outwards towards the hairline.

If you need added coverage, dab extra cream where necessary and blend.

The product is housed in a tube which is something I like on my liquid products because it's easy to squeeze the product out. It only houses 30ml but for it's price, it's a good deal!

Medium is the shade closest to my face's shade while I was checking the testers out on the counter. As mentioned above, it's all beigey which is something that I usually encounter in western drugstore brands. I always think that a powder close to my shade on top of the CC Cream can do the trick that is why I bought it after seeing how good the coverage was! I also hoped that being a CC Cream, it has that property to blend on the skin that I've experienced in other CC's I've tried like the one from Etude House and The Body Shop.

It really does deliver good coverage—medium coverage and buildable. The consistency is creamy but super lightweight! No oily, greasy texture at all. It's so easy to spread on the face whether you use your fingers, a brush, or a sponge.  When you apply it on the skin, it's like you're not wearing anything! It's mildly scented (like a zesty refreshing breeze with a hint of floral scent) too so no problem for those who don't like heavily scented products.

As seen on the before and after photos above, the coverage really is impressive. The problem? The beigey shade made my NC25 skin look too pink. And I guess oxidation made the color darker too. Maybe I should have gotten the lighter one? Good thing that it still looks natural for some reason after a while of wearing it. 

The product, with the help of a loose powder can stay the whole day which is pretty great. I love that it doesn't make my skin oily too. I have oily skin and I don't feel so greasy when I have this on. I still use a primer underneath so that probably helps also... The moisture it gives is pretty decent although I can't really tell how it will work on those with dry skin.


What I LIKE:
- Lightweight
- Medium coverage
- Natural finish
- Has SPF 10 (But this is very low so I recommend to still apply sunscreen)
- Affordable
- Locally available
- Easy to use packaging
- Long-lasting
- Sort of has oil control or at least my face doesn't get greasy easily?
- Decent moisturizing qualities
- Easy to apply

- Only available in 6 shades and they are all beigey! I need a warmer shade!
- The package design is pretty boring

Would I repurchase? I like it but I probably won't. The mismatch in the shade is a turn off. It's just too beige, leaning to becoming pinkish on my skin. Plus, I like trying out new stuff! It's still a recommendable product because... just look at that long list of pros! It's really good.

And that's my review! I hope this was helpful. :)




  1. been wanting to try this product. great review! I think I'd try it at some point

  2. Ugh I wish they make more shades. The coverage seems nice!

  3. It is so pink o.o That is the reason why I don't like shopping base makeup from western brands, even contouring or bronzing powders! They make them too beige :/

    1. Yeah. Same with the contouring and bronzing powders. They have the reddish tone kasi... sort of like brick tone so it's not good with the yellow/warm tone skin.

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