Thursday, November 19, 2015

Review : Ziaja PhytoAktiv Cleansing Milk

Hi everyone!

I was able to score another good deal at Beauty Bar last September. Check this one out:

Ziaja Phyto Aktiv Cleansing Milk

I was able to bag this item for only PhP 137.25 from its original price of PhP 250.00.
Awesome deal, right? Cleansing our skin is a must so I think that it's smart to get this while it was on sale. :D

The info about this product is provided at the back of the bottle.
You can also check out the website but the content is pretty much the same as what is written on the bottle.

I haven't tried much products from the brand. What I've read from its website is that it's a Polish brand that creates pharmaceutical and cosmetic products using natural ingredients. Ziaja's goal is to provide high-quality products in competitive prices for its consumers and they make products from facial skin care, toothpaste to feminine wash and hair care.
It all sounds so good... who doesn't want good quality AND affordable stuff?

Anyway, let's get on with the review of the cleansing milk.

The packaging is simple. I like the pink with white combination. It gives me the feeling that it's clean and serious but still has a girly vibe. The bottle can be easily squeezed to get the product out. The cap seals well so I don't experience any spills even when I accidentally drop the bottle.

The scent is pretty nice... like baby shampoo. The consistency is thick at first glance but as soon as you massage it, it becomes like a very light lotion.

As mentioned on the label, this also acts as a makeup remover. What I do is I massage this on my face first then wipe it off with a cotton pad. I then do it a second time but wash it all off with warm water afterwards. That should do the trick of removing the makeup I was wearing for the day. 

What about the waterproof eye makeup? Good news, it can completely remove them (some may need a little more effort though)! Bad news? Unfortunately, I experience some stinging sensation when I get some of the product in my eye. :/

I've been using this for more than a month now and it doesn't leave my face dry when I use it. No irritations nor breakouts also.

What about the "strengthening treatment for skin with dilated capillaries part"? Well, I was a bit confused about it at first because I don't think I've encountered products that has that property. So I googled about this. First thing to clarify is what dilated capillaries are and from this website, it says: 
Dilated capillaries is a common skin disorder also known as spider veins, thread veins, vascular blemishes.
I know some people who has this, some near the eyes while there are some on the cheeks. I don't think I have very visible dilated capillaries (I think) so I can't really say if it does any difference or if the product's mild enough not to damage/irritate the capillaries further. So in short, I can't really comment on this part. :P

Anyway, to summarize:

What I LIKE:
- Affordable
- Can remove makeup, even waterproof ones
- Smells pleasant
- Packaging
- Locally available at Beauty Bar
- Didn't cause any irritations nor breakouts
- Doesn't dry the skin

- Stings my eyes when some of the product get in them

Will I repurchase? I think this product is really good, especially when I consider the price, but since it stings my eyes, I'll have to pass. I wear waterproof eye makeup a lot and I hate having to deal with the stinging part when I remove my makeup when I get home. But I still recommend it if you don't use eye makeup or if you will just use it as a cleanser. :)

And that's all for this review! :)




  1. Yay.I'll just avoid my eyes if ever I get this. :) :P

  2. Beauty Bar is one of the beauty stores that has a sale section all year round :D I saw this before and I thought that it is a feminine wash because of the packaging and I am shocked with your review that it is actually a cleansing milk! LOL. I haven't tried any cleansing milk yet but I hear good things about Andalou Cleansing Milk the one with a violet packaging. The Ziaja cleansing milk is really affordable compared to other cleansing milk in the market but since it stings the eyes I think it still isn't that good or maybe for someone who doesn't bother that issue. Thank you for this review Miss Dawn <3

    1. Yes! I always visit that section whenever I drop by a branch. I have yet to check out the Andalou one. :P