Thursday, November 26, 2015

Peachy Pink Sister Recycles! What I do with Empty Skincare Bottles

Hey loves!

I'm a frugal person most of the time (I still do have my occasional shopping splurge moments). So I try to get the best deals by purchasing items when it's on sale (I do this often with bags and clothing). 

I guess it's no secret by now that one of the things I buy a lot are makeup and skincare products. But after buying them and using them, my frugality kicks in again. I recycle!!! Both the bottle and the box! Haha! For the box, I repaint the outside, put some patterns and design, and it's an instant gift box! I just add a ribbon!

For bottles, I recycle them by using them as gift "boxes"—sort of like a "gift" in a bottle. When I like the bottle so much, just like the certain kind of pump bottle I use in this post, I redesign it and use it at home as sanitizer or hand soap bottles for example.

Here's what I did with it...

I personalize it so I have my own hand soap bottle in my bathroom and I just refill it with those that come in sachets. That gives me a lot of savings!

ANDDD! The recycling doesn't stop there, I also used very old nail polishes for the color!

Here are the items I used for this project:

Old nail polishes that have almost dried out
An empty bottle of my Tonu Moly AC Control Whitening Toner
Nail Polish Remover
Cotton pad

I chose to use nail polishes because since the bottle will be in the bathroom, it will get wet a lot of times. So having a nail polish coat makes the "paint" waterproof.

So here's how I did this...

With the nail polish remover, I cleaned off the labels. I used a ruler to scrape the harder to clean parts.

It actually looks good as a clean, white bottle... but I don't want to waste all those nail polishes so I used them and poured the remaining polishes on the bottle for added design.

It's gonna get messy... and smelly... 

Actually, I didn't thought the design through. HAHA! I did some kind of abstract expressionism there. Hahaha!

It looks really odd and confusing so I had to label it so that people would know that it contains hand soap.

So I use some nail art products to write on it. I still used a nail polish for the label.

And tadaaa!

It's not super pretty because everything I did is random pouring of nail polishes. Haha! I'm sure you could do better with a planned design. :)

And that's how I recycle! I hope it inspires you to recycle some of your items too. 
Mother Earth will surely appreciate it. :)


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