Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Whitening Emulsion

Hi loves!

Enjoying the cool weather lately? I know I am! 
But there are instances that cold weather can dry the skin, so make sure you get to apply some moisturizer on your skin daily! And I'm not talking just at night but during the day too. 

I got oily skin and some moisturizers feel too thick when I use it during the day, especially when I wear makeup over it. That's why I prefer using emulsions like this one from Tony Moly...

Tony Moly Tony Lab AC Control Whitening Emulsion
Php 848.00

An emulsion is a lighter version of a moisturizing cream. It's ideal for sensitive skin or for those who dislike applying thick creams.

Below is the product description for added info on the product.

The packaging is very similar to its toner counterpart. I love how clean it looks and I also love that it has a pump.

The scent is very mild that you can hardly smell anything when you apply it. The consistency looks creamy but it's actually light. It is watery when you spread it and it gets absorbed quickly by the skin.

I use it under my makeup and I don't have any problems with it affecting my foundation whatsoever. I've used this for 2 months now and I didn't encounter any irritations or breakouts from this product.

I am very satisfied with the moisturization it gives my skin. No greasy feeling even with my oily skin. What I love about this is that I notice my skin looking brighter especially when I pair it with the toner! Yay! Like, like, like!

Do you use emulsions too? Would you consider trying this one as well?



  1. I don't use an emulsion (yet) because I don't know what it's for! Lighter form of moisturizer pala. I have oily skin too so baka okay rin to sakin. The toner version of this is sooo nice and gentle. :)

    1. Yup! I've been using the toner too and I'm almost finish with the whole bottle! Maganda sila gamitin together! :D

  2. Nice post! :D Been searching for a new emulsion to try and fit in my skincare routine. maybe i'll try this line. :)

    btw, do you guys always buy korean skincare? coz i sell them (etude house, innisfree, tony moly, missha, the face shop, apieu, mizon, laneige, clio, skinfood, etc) in a discounted price. everytime mag-sale sa korea, i buy. :D

    like this one, i check it with my friend at korea, and if on sale, this 150ml emulsion is only Php610. :)

    1. Nice! Do you have a shop where we can browse your products on sale? Can you email the link? :D