Friday, January 09, 2015

Too Cool For School Skinny Body Soda

Hey darlings!

I've been in the heavy side since I was a child and I've been insecure about how flabby my body is. Losing weight is a very hard task and I'm currently in the middle of it. I've lost 17 lbs now and I still need to lose more. But wouldn't it be awesome to find a product from a beauty brand that helps you look and feel thinner?

Too Cool For School Skinny Body Soda

I was contacted by a representative of the brand if I wanted to try this product and I thought that this would be awesome since I have a lot of those flabby cellulites that need some tightening.

And so this product arrived. Look at that super quirky and cute packaging! Love it! Anyway, check out the product description below for a heads-up on what the product is all about.

It doesn't promise to make you thin just by using it. But it will help you look better as it makes the skin firmer on the areas that are uneven because of cellulite dimples like the tummy, butt, and thigh areas.

This kind of product isn't new to me. I've seen some before and even tried one (but not long enough to see any difference if there'll be any). I guess more and more products like this are appearing on the market because, well, that's our society! We love to look better and even if we sweat and work our bodies all day, there could still be some dimples in our body that isn't really a pretty sight. So wouldn't it be great if something can solve that little problem for us?

So anyway, the instruction on using this is very simple. Just shake the bottle at least 10 times and massage it on target areas.

The product, when dispensed, looks like this...

It is bubbly and it sounds like something being fried (LOL). It feels cold and gives a tingly feeling as you massaged it on your skin. It doesn't sting or hurt you at all, but it can be a little ticklish.

You can barely smell any scent... if I have to describe it, maybe it's sort of fruity... but yeah, it is barely noticeable. That works for me so it wouldn't counter with my perfume or cologne for the day.

So I use this after my bath. I massage it until the tingling sensation is gone and it gets absorbed by skin pretty quickly. It doesn't give any sticky feeling and it actually makes my skin feel smoother and a bit firmer.

And about the cellulites? I barely see any difference. I still have many... but I guess it's because I am big so maybe I just have to lose more weight if I even want to see a difference when it comes to firming lotions in general. 

And those are my thoughts about Too Cool For School's Skinny Body Soda. Have you tried any product that is similar to this? What do you think about it?



  1. I was one of the thinner kids back then. I threw up each time I eat! And I was like 2-3 then! My mom got worried so she bought appetizing medicine in Hong Kong and made me take it for quite some time, maybe even more than a year, then my doctor uncle told her that it may have steroids so she immediately stopped it. By the time I was 5, I started blowing up real big and I haven't really lost weight since :P I've been struggling with my weight din XD I have lots of cellulose behind my thighs, my main problem is stretchmarks. Waist, hips, thighs, butt, armpits... dami. I hope I can find something to "remove" them, though I'm pretty sure I need to lose weight first :D

    Congrats on losing 17lbs. Malaking numero na yan ;) Good luck sating dalawa on our journey to a healthy body :)

    1. Thank you, Stacie, for sharing this with me. I really appreciate the support and also for sharing your struggles with me. A healthier 2015 to us! :D

    2. Wait lang, share share, I tried the "kamote" diet before and I think I lost around 5kg then, I stopped kasi because hindi na season ang kamote but the thing is, I replaced my dinner-rice with two small kamote. Not too small! Medyo around 2-3 fingers ang diameter :D Even if nagstop ako, I was able to maintain the five kilos off, though I haven't lost since :)

    3. Oooh! I think I can try that sometime. I'm now in a 1.2k calorie diet and it's been great so far. I enrolled in those food diets where you are given a set of meals that get delivered to your house. I liked it because I don't have to worry about what to eat since someone else has prepared it for you. Lol

    4. Cool! :D My mom has a friend who did that too and she lost sooo much! But the downside is that medyo mahirap daw i-maintain when she stopped.

    5. Discipline lang talaga. Malaki difference sa appetite ko. My stomach gets full easily and I don't get hungry as fast. Plus, I get to have a balanced diet, more veggies! Haha!