Saturday, January 24, 2015

MAC Double Definition Extra Dimension Skin Finish

Hey dears!

Doing a post that has been super delayed. I was supposed to blog this last year but I have forgotten about this for some reason. This is actually Liz's. It's a gift from her aunt who's residing in Canada. 

Anyway, I'll just make this post short and simple and give you an idea of what this beautiful thing can do. :D

MAC Double Definition Extra Dimension Skin Finish 

The product has two shades, one is a warm gold shade while the other is bronze. Both of them give a frosty, shimmery finish.

These can act as a highlighter (the gold one) and a bronzer or you can swirl them together and give your skin a glistening warm finish.

It's housed in the classy MAC compact and the design of the product itself is really beautiful. I don't even wanna use it because I don't want to ruin the embossed design! Haha!

Anyway, below is the swatches:

Besides using this as a bronzer/highlighter, I can also use this as an eyeshadow!

That's the product used as eyeshadow.

It looks very classy too and you can pair it with a natural shade lippie or a bold red!

And this is how my face looks like when I use it as a bronzer/highlighter! It really did add definition to my chubby face! You can go bronzier depending on how you like your look. I just want to go for a subtler look since it is unusually cold in the Philippines now. :P 

 A couple of months to go 'til our country's summer season though and I already know what product I'll use for a bronzy-golden glow!



  1. Very pretty!! I love MAC too bad its more expensive here :(

    1. I knooooow! I want to buy more! I wish they'd do some promos or major discounts na lang.

  2. The Skinfinish powders are so beautiful! On the pan, and applied.