Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream

Hey dearies!

Sleeping with makeup on, even if you only applied a small amount, is bad for your skin so make it a habit to fully remove all makeup and cleanse your face before heading to bed. 

I know that skincare products can be a bit pricey so let me share one of the cleansing creams I've tried that is budget-friendly...

Etude House Happy Teatime Milk Tea Cleansing Cream
Php 198.00

But I bought mine on sale at 20% off!

I was actually looking for something new to try during the sale and saw this. I thought that I use makeup removers and cleansers a lot and this is actually affordable so I bought it. And oh, I also LOVE tea!

Below are some of the labels on the packaging:

I like the packaging. The tub's design is really cute. I'd probably recycle it and use it as a container of something... maybe paperclips. :P I do, however, prefer pumps than having to dip my fingers or cotton pads into the tub.

You just twist the cap and you'll see the cream. It smells very good—like a sweet milk tea (although the tea part is very mild) mixed with baby powder.

I use this every time I wore makeup and had to remove it. I massage the cream on my face and then wipe it off with cotton pads or tissue. I prefer the former since it doesn't tear off easily compared to tissues.

I already got my tub almost half by now (I took the photos while it was still new FYI) and I've not encountered any irritations nor breakouts.

It really does a great job removing even my heavy coverage foundations. It's a really good cleansing cream although it doesn't completely remove some of my waterproof eye makeup, especially mascaras. I had to use a different makeup remover for that because I don't want to rub my eye area too much (I try to avoid wrinkles!). But what's awesome is that it doesn't sting my eyes like some cleansing oils and creams do.

I do recommend you try this out. It's effective and affordable. It is something you can use everyday, especially if you don't really wear thick makeup. :)

Have you tried this product yet?



  1. wow never tried this before .super affordable nga. must try this really soon.

  2. Can I wash with a cleansing foam after using this? Or just plain water? I've been looking for a new cleanser since I'm running out na and I accidentally left my other cleanser sa province XD

    1. Yup! I still wash my face with a cleanser or cleansing foam after to make sure that my face is clean before I sleep. Don't forget to use a toner and moisturizer too! :D