Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Care Range

Hey dearies!

Here's another scent from The Body Shop that you must check out ASAP!
This is one of their holiday scents so if you love fruity, particularly apple scents, then the Glazed Apple Body Care Range is for you!

I was sent two products from this range—the lip tin and the bath jelly.

This range is composed of a dozen products and below is a list of them. :)


I'm currently enjoying the two Glazed Apple products...

The lip tin looks really cute. When you open the cap, you can immediately smell the fruity scent.

The moisturizing power is pretty decent. I've tried better balms but the scent is very addicting that I just use this daily. This saved my lips from all the chapping this cool weather.

The Bath Jelly is for bath tubs but since we don't have one, I use this as a shower gel.

With just a teaspoon-full, this will foam my loofa with sweet, apple scented bubbles!

And I love the packaging. I'll recycle this as one and make it a holder for my art materials.

The consistency is quite thick... thicker than jelly ace. Haha!

I love using this because the scent sticks on my skin for a while... maybe around an hour.

So I do recommend you check these out. I think The Body Shop is still on sale (around 60% off on selected products) and maybe they still have Glazed Apple products on-hand. Try them out and smell that sweet fragrance! :)



  1. Guess I need the lip tin. I always suffer from dry and chapped lips. ALL THE TIME. Thanks for this post. ☺

    1. The corners of my lips were so dry last December too. My lips are doing fine now, soft and smooth! Lip balms are our best friends right now!

    2. I guess it's because of the cool weather. Mine are still so dry right now. I might invest in this lip tin since TBS is one of my most trusted brands.

      By the way, I always see you at UST. Especially near the Publishing House. I'm a CFAD student. ^_^

    3. Yep. Even though we're enjoying the cool weather, our lips aren't so better give them what they need! :)

      I'm currently working there while I take my masters degree at night. :D I also saw you once and some of your paintings too! :D

  2. I smelled everything from the glazed apple and cranberry lines and wanted EVERYTHING but I decided to not get anything because I'm not sure I'd use up any of the body products!! I wish I had gotten a lip balm at least!

    1. I really like their products primarily because of the scents! You'd probably enjoy using the lip balm too! :D

  3. It's been a long time since I've tried the body shop. Dati sucker ako dito eh hehe! Maybe because marami ng naglabasan ng ibang brands kaya nagtry ako ng iba. But body shop is still my first love. Nawa'y meron pa ito sa mga stores pero mukhang late na hehe! Hope they'll have more products this year and I promise to try them. :)

    1. The Body Shop will always have a special place in my kikay heart! Last year, they introduced so many products and I do hope they do the same this year. :)