Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shara Shara Cat's Gel Liner in No. 5 Persian Pearl Navy

Hello everyone!!!

I'm FINALLY back!

I was MIA for the past few days because didn't have internet access since Wednesday and it bored the hell out of me. UGH! PLDT, your customer service sucks! Their call center representatives were nice when you talk to them but progress was just soooooooooo damn slow! I called to report the problem last Wednesday, and the two days after that, I called twice a day to follow up—one in the morning and the other in the evening. And even with that much effort, they only assigned a technician team on Saturday and he arrived this morning (a Sunday) to do a 2-minute fixing! How I wish they just instructed us to do those simple steps so we didn't have to wait so long. I wasn't able to leave the house from Thursday-Saturday because I had to wait for their call for feedback or in case a technician arrives (I didn't get any feedback until I called earlier this morning... I HAVE TO CALL when in fact, they told me that they should be the one calling me). PLDT wasted my long weekend and they wouldn't even give us a rebate for the days we didn't have internet access (That's like Php 500.00 gone!). They charge so much for such crappy services even though they are the leading telecommunications provider in the country. 

Anyway, enough about the ranting. I'm just very pissed. :P
To make the mood a bit lighter, I'll share another super good product that my friend, who went on a week vacation in Korea, bought me!

Shara Shara Cat's Gel Liner in No. 5 Persian Pearl Navy

As I've mentioned before in my The Saem eyeliners post, I asked her to buy me products from brands that aren't in the Philippines yet and she got me something from Shara Shara!

And I also asked her if she can find eyeliners that aren't the basic black or brown so she got me blue one!

This shade is still very wearable because it's color is a very dark blue. It actually looks black from a distance but when you get closer, you'll see the blue shine when light hits it. You'll see it better on the swatches provided later on this post.

This is a gel liner equipped with an applicator. I like that the brush is part of the product so I wouldn't worry losing it.

The bristles are smooth and they don't "fly away" from each other. Using this makes the application super easy!

Here's a closeup of the gel liner.

It looks black but when you tilt it to the light, you'll see the blue shimmers.

Below is the swatch so you can see it better.

This product also has impressive staying power. Check out the photos below to see how long it stayed after I tried removing it.

Smudged once. Nothing happened.

Wiped the swatch very hard several times. There's slight smudging but barely noticeable.

Smudged with water. Nothing much happened there but the blue was more visible, I guess?

Smudged hard with water then wiped with a towel... now that's the time the product started coming off.

Impressive right? I'm so happy that my friend got me this. And I think this was only somewhere around Php 200-300? This product stays on me all day without smudging even if I have really oily skin! Yay!

And below is how I usually wear this...

And that's all for this post! Let me know what you think of the Shara Shara Cat's Gel Liner in No. 5 Persian Pearl Navy! :D



  1. Woahhh~ I'm so sad that L (a member of INFINITE) is not their endorser anymore :( But oh well, the brand still interests me :D This a cool eyeliner! The only gel eyeliner that I've tried which didn't smudge on me is MAC. I have monolids kasi :)

    1. Even the Black Track Gel liner from MAC smudges on my lids without the right primer actually. :P I guess a great primer can really make a difference!

  2. That's a pretty sturdy liner. It looks more grey on your eyes but I suuuuper like the blue shimmer your camera caught on the hand swatch!

    Sikat pala Shara Shara... I got a massage cream from that brand from my last Memebox :)

    1. Yep. It isn't totally black but I guess the light at my dressing table also made the liner look lighter.

  3. Oh wow that color is sooo impressive! love that rich shimmery quality and how it doesn't budge!