Monday, July 07, 2014

Review : Tony Moly Easy Touch Brush Eyeliner

Hey guys!

Even though I'm a fan of gel liners because of their staying power and boldness, I still go back to the pen type liquid eyeliners because they're just so easy to use and the lines they can do are just so precise. I've tried a number of pen liners already and even though I've found some that are really good, I still want to discover more from different brands. That's why I still keep on buying some. LOL

On today's post, I'll share with you my thoughts on one of the pen liners I bought months ago...

Tony Moly Easy Touch Brush Eyeliner
I bought this for Php 498.00.

What made me buy this is the slim, pointed tip which creates very fine lines.

It may look a bit big unlike the fine brushes you get from other liquid liners...

But as seen on the swatches below, you can easily control the thickness of the lines.

I wish it were blacker though. I need to build up the product to get a bolder black color.

Here's how I usually line my eyes. I used the product to line my upper lid. Cat eyes! Meow!

For the lasting power, sadly, it smudges easily. It's not waterproof so I didn't expect that it would last the whole day... But oh dear... it wouldn't even last a good 3 hours on my lids without smudging all over my eyeshadows. I always use eyeshadow primer and powder eyeshadows which can last on my lids for a good 7 hours or so. But this... errr... is just bad even with those on. *sigh*

What I LIKE:

- Packaging
- Easy to apply and control line's thickness
- Locally available


- Not black enough
- Horrible staying power
- Price is too much for the quality :|

Would I buy again? 
Obviously, I won't. As much as I don't like giving bad reviews, I just have to share how disappointed I am with this especially since the SA told me that this was really good and that even though it's not waterproof, it can stay the whole day and it isn't as annoying to remove compared to waterproof liners. Ugh. I wish I wasn't too gullible and went with the waterproof liner instead. I don't mind using (and removing) waterproof products anyway. :P

So... have you tried this product yet? :)



  1. I hate how SA's blatantly lie about things :( I've also gotten that "waterproof daw" spiel from an SA in Revlon regarding this pencil liner. Nainis ako kasi I have that product at home and know that staying power sucks.

  2. True! It's also annoying when the SA's have no idea what the product's about. :P

  3. Awww!! I'm so sorry that it didn't last! That's the worst thing about product, not lasting because even if it's not so black if it last you can still make it work!!!

    1. I agree. Now I don't want to use it anymore... :(