Wednesday, July 23, 2014

L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil

Hey guys!

Sharing my thoughts on these products...
L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils in Sunglasses and Sea Shells
This is Php 119.00 each.

I learned about this product online when I read a blog post review about it. I thought it was worth a try... that it would be a nice eye shadow base especially the black one for smokey eyes.

The L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils are very affordable and also portable.

Here's Sunglasses (black).

And here's Sea Shell (white).

Info from the website:


Skip the traditional powder eyeshadow and try a jumbo eyeshadow pencil. It allows you to use as an eyeliner for bold lines or blend out for a subtle effect. Display comes complete with dual sharpener for easy sharpening.

Swatches on hand

As you can see, they are both very, very pigmented. It glides smoothly on skin so applying and blending is easy!

Here's how it looks when I apply it on my lips together

It blends well.

But as you can see, it easily creases. Especially when my lids get oily after a couple of hours.

Translucent powder helps but my lids are just too oily. It doesn't stay long at all. Probably 2 hours tops. :(

I tried using it on top of eye shadow too.

I blend it with a powder eyeshadow.

I even top it off with more. LOL (Yeah, the copper doesn't really do well with the initial look. Haha!)

And I just add some black pencil liner on my waterline and apply mascara to finish the look.

This lasted longer than when worn alone. I guess it only started creasing around 3-4 hours. Which is still early than I expected. The result is still the same even with eye shadow primer (I used my Art Deco Eyeshadow Base). *sigh*

Me with the eye makeup

 I'm actually disappointed on these since the review I saw was a positive one. I guess my lids are just very oily. Oh well. :(

 Have you tried these yet? Did they crease on you too or did they work great on your lids?



  1. it looks like it blends very well but too bad about the creasing :( that's my pet peeve in eye makeup too

    1. Yeah. I get easily turned off with the product if it easily creases. :(

  2. Definitely works best as a base! Love the look you did!

    1. I agree. It worked way better as base.It still creases on my lids though. :(

  3. This is way cheaper than NYX Jumbo pencil , half the price to be exact.

    1. Oooh. I haven't tried those but hopefully it works better for the price.

  4. Just curious as to where did you buy this, Dawn... and I think it's great if you can make a side by side review of this with the nyx jumbo pencils... pretty please? :) I missed reading and writing blogs haha! btw, I satrted a new one... Hope you can visit! :)


    1. Bought this at their stall at Landmark, Trinoma I think. I haven't tried any from NYX though but if ever I get my hands on one, I'll post a comparative review. :)

  5. I have a nyx versiin of the white eye pencil. But i havent tried using it on the lids yet. Just the inner eye corner

  6. Mahirap maghanap ng trust-worthy eye pencils. Most of mine also smudge easily :(

    1. I'll just stick to powder and some cream ones (yung long-lasting talaga). :P

  7. love your make up look!
    would love to give that products a try :)