Saturday, July 12, 2014

Essence Stays No Matter What Waterproof Eye Pencil

Hey everyone!

I did a makeup experiment today with my friend, Yuki. Will try my best to blog about it soon. But since hanging out with Yuki took most of my day, I don't have the energy to do the long blog post that I was thinking of posting for today. Anyway, I'll just share yet another swatch post. :P

Essence Stays No Matter What Waterproof Eyepencil
This is Php 149.00 only but I actually won this from a giveaway. :P
The shade is 01 Midnight Black.

This is available in two other colors—brown and gray.

Info from the website:

party-proof for up to 16 hours! this plastic pencil kajal can be sharpened – and it stays put! the creamy, soft texture offers great coverage and won’t smudge. it is also waterproof and lasts all day (and all night). made of pvc-free material with a high coverage, the eye pencil won’t melt at temperatures below 40˚c.

Look at the shelf life. Three years! It's quite different compared to most eye products since those usually have smaller amount of shelf life due to the eyes being the most sensitive among the places we usually put makeup on. So I dunno if it's safe to keep eye liners for that long...

Closeup of the pencil

Swatch with only one stroke.

The boldness is quite impressive and it's buildable too. It's not so soft though so it's a bit hard to make precise lines.

When smudged multiple times.

It's almost smudge-proof! I believe this is more of water resistant than waterproof though, especially if you put this on the waterline. It just slides off but if on skin, it stays on for the whole day. I don't advise you to use this on the upper lid if you have oily skin. It will just ruin your eyeshadow so I guess you just use this on the lower lids.

And that's all! 
I have a surprise to my local readers by the way (it's July *hint hint*). Will post it tomorrow! ;)



  1. This looks amazing! I love it when eyeliners that come off don't smudge or being soft! This looks like it would perform well in the waterline!

    1. It doesn't smudge but it doesn't perform well on the waterline, unfortunately :(

  2. Essence products are really longlasting. I've only tried their liquid eyeliner and cream eyeshadows and they're really good.