Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Review : Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City Multi Ball CC Cream

Hi dearies!

Last month, I attended a fun workshop by Too Cool For School. One of the loots I got to take home is their new...

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City Multi Ball CC Cream
This is priced Php 1,279.00.

This is the star of the workshop. This CC Cream, as told by the brand's chief makeup artist Raymond Isais, can be worn by itself which can give you a dewy finish or as a base. It works great under a BB Cream or a foundation. 

As always, I'm loving the packaging of this Too Cool For School product. It's so cute and quirky! 

It contains 30ml of CC Cream and it has 2.8g of the highlighter.

I like that it is housed in a tube which makes it easier to dispense the product especially when there's only a few left. At the cap is where the highlighter is housed. Just twist the glass cap and you can use the highlighter. :D

Yep, you read it right! This product is also equipped with a highlighter! 

Neat, huh?

Actually, you can get the CC Cream with three different makeup goodies...

You can get it with a concealer, a coral blush, or a highlighter.

Here are the swatches I took at their stall at SM North:

I would have preferred the concealer one because I want to hide many of my skin blemishes but my second choice is the highlighter. I was so happy that I got this. :D 

Here's a closeup of the highlighter.

And another swatch.

It has a pinkish tone to it making the skin appear softer and more luminous. 

For the CC Cream, it has SPF 30 and PA++. A good alternative for a daily sunscreen. It also promises to moisturize as well as brighten skin.

Here's the CC Cream.

The texture is quite light compared to other BB Cream's I've tried. This makes it very easy to spread the product on your face.

It only comes in one shade, unfortunately. I think this would be okay for people with light to medium skin tone. I'm not sure how this would play on darker skin tones.

Here's my bare face.

And here's my face with the CC Cream on.

It gives a dewy finish and it really did brighten my face. It gives very minimal coverage but it hides the redness and I think it really is an excellent makeup base. It makes my skin smoother and I never encountered any caking with my foundation when I have this on. And as seen on the photos above, it also helped a little with my enlarged pores.

Here's my face fully made up with the CC Cream underneath my foundation.

It's actually a good moisturizer for me in my opinion (I have oily skin)... but I guess this wouldn't be sufficient for those with dry skin. I believe this helped in making my makeup  look good all day (no caking and gave my face a radiant finish) although it didn't help much with oil control.

What I LIKE:

- Has SPF 30 and PA++
- Acts as moisturizer
- Can be worn alone or as makeup base
- Correct's skin tone
- Equipped with a highlighter/concealer/blush
- Packaging
- Brightens face
- Helps a little in concealing enlarged pores
- Doesn't cake
- Easy to spread and blend on skin
- Locally available
- Price (It's a two in one product!)


- Minimal coverage
- Only comes in one shade
- No oil control

Would I buy again?
I don't see why not. But who knows, it would take a while for me to empty this tube and I'd probably want to try different products before I even finish this. But I do recommend this CC Cream to anyone who's looking for a product that performs many actions (moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup base and highlighting).

And that's my review on Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City Multi Ball CC Cream. Have you tried this one yet? What CC Creams have you tried and liked? :)




  1. I've seen lots of bits of this brand and it's getting popular because it looks super cute but that's too bad that this cc cream is sooo sheer! I love the look of the concealer though!

    1. I wish I got the concealer. But I use the CC as a makeup base so I still get the coverage I want from my foundations. :D