Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shopping Online at Dresslily.com

Hey guys!

I like shopping online since you can do it in the convenience of your home, but it's been a while since I did some online shopping. I've only been purchasing subscription boxes which means I'm not certain of what products I would get for the month. So now that I did some online shopping and I get to pick the items myself, it's quite a change since I'm already sure I'd get what I want.

I guess some of you might disagree with that since not everything you see online is what it seems when you get the actual product. This is not a rare issue since I and some of the people I know had experienced this.

Good thing I was lucky to discover this online store called, Dresslily.com. They actually contacted me first so I can get to try their service. Dresslily is an international fashion clothing and accessory store with a huge variety of cute and fashionable things from bags and shoes to accessories and clothes.

Their items are quite affordable and they offer discounts regularly! And what's more, they offer free shipping worldwide!

So I ordered some items and within two and a half weeks, I got the items from our local post office. Awesome! It's quite fast (in the Philippines sort of way LOL) since I chose a flat rate shipping method. Anyway, here are the products I bought from Dresslily:


I think I should not wear this with a heavy printed dress. LOL. But it's a nice casual bag when you're out for a walk or doing some errands.

Piece of Exquisite Angel's Wings Diamante Ring For Women


I didn't have to worry if this will fit me because it's adjustable.

It's long but it looks so simple.

And I guess I've been wearing this ring a lot lately.


This is adjustable too. And I got it for more than 70% off!

I love that little dangling crystal tail!

And my favorite is this set if earrings and necklace!


It's so feminine, glamorous, and princessy! That's so my style!

I like wearing this to work when I am in a dress. 

It just gives that extra glam factor to my outfit.

And this beautiful necklace could look over-the-top for a day in the mall...

but I'd still wear it because it's just so pretty!

Even my boss said it looks great!

I'm so happy with all the products. And all of these are below $20 only and I didn't even pay for shipping except for the postal fee when I claimed it in the Manila Central Post Office. :) Shopping at Dresslily is a cinch since the website is very well-organized and the whole transaction process is fast and easy.

If you want to check out Dresslily, visit their:


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