Monday, July 28, 2014

Makeup Experiment #15 : Bom Park

Hello everyone!

I'm currently watching a reality TV show from South Korea called Roommate. It's a show about eleven celebrities (actors, singers, models, and athletes) living in one house. These people can leave the house (unlike Big Brother) when they have projects or when there's a need to shop for groceries and such.

One of the celebrities in the show is the 2NE1 (an all-girl KPop group) member, Park Bom. I am familiar with her because I happen to listen to BigBang which is in the same company as 2NE1. Also a member of the famous girl group is Sandara Park which was a big celebrity in the Philippines around a decade ago.

Anyway, just recently, Park Bom was involved in a drug smuggling scandal which actually happened four years ago. I have no idea about the whole story but it's something that happened in the past and is being brought up today for some reason. Because of this scandal, Bom left the reality show indefinitely. It really saddened me because honestly, she's the major reason why the show was even entertaining for me. Haha! Without her in it, I just might stop watching. :P

I have a friend who also watches the show. Yuki, who some of you may find familiar because she's been a model of mine in a couple of my makeup experiments, also likes Park Bom. We thought that we should do a makeup experiment inspired by the singer to show our support to the 8D Alien Personality lady (lol). It was something we just decided all of a sudden so we didn't really have time to prepare. Good thing Yuki already has long, black hair so all we need to work on is the makeup! :D

Here's Yuki with the Park Bom-inspired makeup.

Bom has actually done numerous looks. We had a hard time choosing our reference from her different makeup looks and numerous hairstyles and hair color. Eventually, we ended up picking this picture from their latest album, Crush.

Park Bom

And this is how we interpreted it.

Here's a before and after pictures of Yuki:

Since this is a KPop makeup look, it will surely involve eyeliners and very clear skin. It's something we really enjoyed doing and it only took us a couple of hours to finish.

We didn't have any false lower lashes so I ended up drawing the lower lashes. LOL

I also loved doing a gradient lips effect on her lips. I rarely do this look on me but it looks so cute on Yuki.

Yuki agreed to paint her nails red even if she doesn't like applying nail polish. That's dedication! Haha!

 She even cut her bangs since Bom sports full bangs most of the time.

 Makeup by : Me 
Hairstyle : Yuki
Model : Yuki
Photos by : Me
Place taken : My room


 I just love the eye makeup of this look! Don't you?

And of course, we have to take photos of her eating on the bed. It's something Bom does a lot—wakeup, eat, sleep. LOL

So what do you think of this makeup experiment?

BTW, I also did a makeup experiment inspired by another 2NE1 member, Dara. Click here if you'd like to check it out. I only need to do a makeup experiment that are CL and Minzy-inspired and I have completed the whole girl group! So who wants to volunteer?



  1. I volunteer! Haha! Kaso, my eyes are a bit big to be Minzy or CL... :D
    She looks exactly like Bom in her first two photos! ^__^

    Another makeup experiment success!!! ^_^

    1. We can always do a different look! Tara! Let's do a makeover din!! :D

  2. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! este as your next model hehe... I think it's really cool that she looked like Bom (like 99.9% lookalike) in most pictures.. ehe.. Love this eye look, I might interpret it as well... esp. the twiggy eyebrows thing :)

    1. Tara, Nicole! Let's plan a makeup experiment! :D

  3. Love the recreation! It looks excellent! Love the blue and pink colors with the open eyes!

    1. I made those colors extra vibrant on my model since she has bigger eyes. :D Glad you like the output. :D

    2. I made those colors extra vibrant on my model since she has bigger eyes. :D Glad you like the output. :D

  4. Great re-creation of the look, Dawn! :)


  5. Ang ganda! Ang linis. What did you use as base and how did you take the photos. I'm starting to think your room is like a studio.

    1. I used my Ellana primer and my Nature Republic HD Collagen Foundation. I used a Nikon D60 camera (Setting: f5.4, shutter speed 1/25, ISO 1600). Haha! My room has 3 florescent lights kasi. They were all open during the shoot. :P