Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Too Cool For School Glam Rock Collection

Hello loves!

It's Christmas Eve! Are you guys done preparing the food for Noche Buena?

Anyway, are you thinking of a look you'd like to sport this holiday season? Then here's a makeup look that will surely rock your Christmas using Too Cool For School's Glam Rock Collection!

Like it?
If you do, scroll down to see the 3 main products I used in order to get this glam rock look! These items were sent to me by Too Cool For School, Philippines for review a few weeks ago.

Glam Rock Urban Shadow
Php 435.00

The shade I got is No. 4 Moody Nude.

Here's some description from the press release:


Enhanced with a splash of color and the right amount of glitter, our newest eye shadows bring rock star-chic makeup to a level that is TOO COOL! Available in 10 edgy shades:
·       For a unique style with distinct colors: No. 1 Urban Shadow & No. 2 Retro Orange
n  Urban shadows No. 1 and 2 have vivid colors that help the skin look dimensional, for eyes that stand out.
n  As it is coated with a water repellent system and spreads softly on the skin, these eye shadows prevent color changes due to sweat and sebum.
n  Both shades can be used as eyeliners upon using a brush with a wet tip
·       For bigger & bolder eye makeup: No. 3 Peach Glow, No. 4 Moody Nude, No. 5 Gold Eagle, No. 8 Glow Rose
n  Enhanced with natural melting oil for shiny, well moisturized rims. The moisturized powder permeates into the skin, helping to create distinctive eye makeup without any smudges.
n  No. 3 Peach Glow and No. 4 Moody Nude can be used as highlighters or for shading.
·       For smoky eyes that change according to the light: No. 6 Devil Blue & No. 7 Rock Black
n  Both shades help create strong, dark eye makeup for deeper and more intense eyes.
·       For sparkle & glitter: No. 9 Sparkle forte & No. 10 Metal Chic
n  The stereo effect of multi-prism diffuses and reflects light, creating a dimensional, glimmering look.
n  Both shades can give the tear-effect beneath the eye/ upon applying with a brush with a wet tip.

For a nude shade, this is very pigmented. Super love the minimal amount of shimmer it has. With a good eyeshadow base, this will stay on my lids the whole day. No creasing even if my lids are oily!

Glam Rock Extreme Color Eyes
Php 665.00

Photo from their FB Page.
This comes in 5 shades

The one I got is Blaze.

Some info from the press release:

An eyeliner with a resilient and highly elastic brush that helps create any style easily and quickly. Its airtight container prevents the product from getting exposed to the air, further promoting its quality and longevity. Smudge-proof and waterproof, it it’s the perfect eyeliner for every day or for a busy night out. Enhanced with micro-shimmer and pearls, it comes in five colors to help you create a makeup look suitable for any situation:
·       No. 1 Ecstasy (Black)
·       No. 2 Glitz (Brown)
·       No. 3 Starlet (Khaki)
·       No. 4 Blaze (Burgundy)
·       No. 5 Chaos (Navy)

Since it is a pen type liner, it's very easy to manipulate.

The brush is very fine too which helps in controlling to thickness of the line.

You can easily get the product to the brush by pumping the end part of the pen.
Be careful though because if you pump too much, the brush can overflow with the product.

Here are swatches of the product with different thickness.

Loving the staying power of this eyeliner. It didn't smudge although if you use it as an eyeshadow like I did in this look, there may be some instances that there will be like a 'chapping' part on my lids when I open my eyes. So just apply it 'til the part where the lid folds so that that doesn't happen.

I used the product like an eyeshadow. I lined it from my lash line until the lines of my lid. See the closeup of my eye makeup below. I still used a black liquid eyeliner on my lash line and also used black, gold, and fuchsia eyeliner pencils at the bottom part of my eyes.

Also added some falsies for a more dramatic, glam feel to the look.

For my lips I used:

Glam Rock Smoky Nudy Lip Color
Php 715.00

Info from the press release:


Have soft, nude lips that show off your dark, smoky makeup! These natural, nude shade of lippies softly glide onto the lips with one application. It is smoothly osculated without being glossy or oily. It is available in two nudy shades:
·       # 1 Pale Beige
·       # 2 Satin Beige

I love the consistency of the lippies from Too Cool For School. It's not too creamy like the ones I've tried from other Korean brands. This one is rich and very pigmented!

The shade of this is lovely—warm and nude!

See swatch below on my arm.

And below's on my lips.

This lipstick never dried or made my lips chap. Staying power is pretty decent too. I'm liking this so much I'm thinking of going to the store and try out the other shade too. :D

BTW, the collection also includes an eyebrow pencil. Here's some info from the press release:

An eyebrow pencil that presents chic charisma! Eyebrows can be drawn very easily using the flat triangle automatic pencil. It gives soft touches and natural colors, it does not cause irritation on the skin, and is long-wearing. The Glam Rock Urban Chic Eyebrow Pencil comes in two shades:
·       No. 1 Gray Brown
·       No. 2 Dark Gray

So going back to the look, here are closeup pics of my eye makeup again:

It's very easy to do. Just use the glam rock Urban Shadow all over the lids then apply the eyeliners as seen on the photos. Apply mascara and finally add the false lashes. 

For the face, a subtle peachy pink blush was used to balance the fierce, bold eyes and nude lips.

Rock the look with fancy accessories and a black outfit. Maybe adding a leather jacket  can create a better effect (sadly, I don't have any).

So what do you think of the look?
Would you rock a look like this too? If you will, take a selfie and tag me! I'd like to see your glam rock makeup! :D



  1. Love the look Dawn! So pretty! Happy Holidays! :)

  2. Ang ganda mo! ♥ I love the look you did, lalo na yung eyes!

    Feel ko bet ni Cindy yung nudey eyeshadow, kaso mahal! :P