Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Tint in Passion Red

Hello loves!

Ever wondered what your hair would look like if it were red? Like BOLD RED? 
I sure have. I was thinking of getting my hair colored in red but I wasn't sure if it would look good on me... besides, I might look a bit strange when I walk around UST with that hair color especially while I'm in my class in Graduate School.

Good thing there are non-permanent ways to color your hair. And one of them is from Tony Moly...

Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Tint
This is Php 378.00 each.

The color I got is in Passion Red.
I'm so glad I got this color out of the 6 available shades. Other colors are - Ultra Gleen, Neon Blue, Crazy Pink, Chic Purple, and Tangerine Tonic.
Btw, this was sent to me by TM Philippines for review. :)

Info on the box:

I like that there are products like these (like hair chalk) where you can play with your hair with different colors. You can use it for highlights or like what I did—applied on the ends of the hair a la Ombre.

So here's the product:
It's really RED! LOVE IT! 

It's very easy to use. I just smudge it on my hair (I applied it on dry hair but I believe it works on damp hair too). It's very pigmented, in just one swipe, you can see the color instantly.

I must warn you that this can be a bit hard to remove when you get your hands stained so I suggest you wear gloves.

To make the color stay longer on your hair, heat it with a hair iron/curler or set it with  hairspray.

Below are pictures of me with the product on the ends of my locks:

See how red the ends are? I just loooove the rocker feel it gave my hair. 
It lasted the whole day on my hair. But I advise you to skip it when it's raining hard or if you will be doing some physical activities where you'll be all sweaty. :P

And oh, another warning... if you have long hair like I do, you might want to not do what I just did on those pictures which is apply it on the bottom parts of the hair and wear black (or white/light colored) tops because the color easily transfers on clothing. :( I had to brush off the red stains frequently. :P

This surely is a fun product to use. I don't use it regularly but it can be handy when I go to parties, concerts or when I do some makeup experiments. I have a makeup theme in mind  right now where I will surely use this! Excited to do that soon! :D

Would you use Tony Moly Berry Trendy Hair Color Tints too? Which color would you wear?



  1. It looks sooo fun! I like how you made your hair ombre like that! I'm glad you mentioned the transfer as I was immediately thinking about it since its a powder! I personally would use it to do a highlighted streak of hair!

  2. It looks good on you plus the hair! Winner! I love the effect sis :)

  3. Sharlynn - I'd do that too and I'm thinking of using a different color like blue or pink!

    Genzel - Thanks, sis! Love the red shade!! :D