Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Haul (2013) Part 2

Hey dearies!

The Christmas Season is definitely my favorite time of the year with all the food, parties and Holiday SALES! 

Been out doing some crazy shopping the past few days and I'll be sharing with you the continuation my major splurge this Christmas season. You can view the first part of the holiday haul here.

First are the purchases I made from Landmark, Makati:

 Snoe Eyebrow Gel Corrector - Php 899.00

 It's like a dupe of Make Up For Ever's Aqua Brow! Love that it comes with 2 applicators!

 Makeup brushes!!! 
They range from Php 50-200. Except for the Kabuki brush. I think it's around Php 270-300.

I actually still have fine brushes but these ones are really soft and they just look so cute with the bold colors that I just have to have them! I guess it's time for my older brushes to take a break for a bit. :)

 A Nail Art Stamping Kit that's around Php 104.75.
It has 5 stencils included already too. With this, I'll be posting more NOTD's for sure! Haha!

More kikay "necessities."

I didn't use money in these products that I got from Glamourbox. I actually won a contest from them and used the Php 1,000 worth of GC to avail these products.
Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara
Holika Holika False Lashes
Hey Nature Waterproof Gel Liner

Some sample room goodies:
Collection Cosmetics Hotlights lipgloss in Glow
Skin White Classic Body Lotion

And I also bought some necklaces from Landmark care of my mom. Haha!

 Php 309.75.

 Forgot how much this is. I lost the tag price and the receipt. :(

 Php 309.75.

 Php 289.75

Php 299.75 

Php 219.75

Php 149.75

And I also bought some clothes! Yippee!

Php 599.95
Tiger!!! Rawr! UST much? :P Got this from Hug.

Php 499.95. Also from Hug

Get Laud Black Leggings—Php 430.00

Get Laud Brown Bolero—Php 499.00

Get Laud Black Shirt—Php 399.00

Get Laud White Shirt—Php 399.00

Also got this watch for free because I purchased items amounting to more that Php 1.5k. :)

Maldita striped blouse (also forgot how much this is)

And finally some clothes from Stradivarius (can't remember the price of these as well):
Bought this because I just love the colors and details on this shirt.

A very light pink cardigan. Also have this in chocolate brown. :)

That's all for now. I'll post a part 3 of my haul soon. Stay tuned! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, everyone!



  1. Ooh like ko yung brow kit ng snoe! Yung dati kong officemate kasi gamit nya ung makeupforever na version, tas ang mahal! :O Haha

  2. Kayo po ba yung nakita ko sa landmark nung dec 25? yung natingin dun sa brushes ng artist studio? tas sabi binabaan na ung quality nung flat top brush? hahaha kung kayo yun nako sayang di ko kayo na-approach, nahihiya kasi ako :( hahaha

  3. Helen - It's actually pretty good! Ate Tracy also bought one pa nga e even if she still has the MUFE. :P

    Anonymous - YES! That's me! I remember you. I saw you looked at me din eh. I was with my sis who was visiting from AU for Christmas. :P Sayang nga! :( Next time let's have some chitchats especially on beauty related stuff!

  4. OMYGODDD! hahaha. Sayang. Next time talaga i-aapproach na kita! :D Happy New Year :D