Friday, December 27, 2013

Review : Holika Holika Pro Beauty Tinted Rouge in Red Carpet

Hello ladies!

The holiday festivities aren't over yet! The new year is getting closer so why not celebrate the last few days of 2013 with a lippie that can handle all the partying and eating this holiday season.

Holika Holika Pro:Beauty Tinted Rouge (Php 485.00)
This was sent to me by Holika Holika, Philippines a couple of months ago.
This product is available in 10 shades.

The shade I got is Red Carpet.
Super love that I got this because I LOVE red lipsticks. :D

Some info from one of their websites:
I'm a fan of the packaging. It looks so sleek and professional. A little different from the usual cute look of Korean cosmetics but in a good way.

This product is soft of like a lipstain so it's not the usual lipstick with a bullet but it has the same pigmentation or boldness of color and it's not as thick and sticky as a lipgloss, and unlike glosses, it has really, really good staying power.

I also like the applicator because of the hole at the center. It stores enough amount of product for the whole lips. No need to double-triple dip to get that beautiful red shade!

Swatch on paper

Swatch on hand (1 stroke)

On my lips

It has a rosy smell which is one of my favorite scents. LOVE IT!

This product has a creamy, bold red finish that I absolutely adore. Like I said, I love red lipsticks! It looks so sophisticated and sexy. Rawr! But I've read in some reviews that lighter shades need around 2 or more layers to achieve an opaque finish. But with this one, you get this luscious red color with one layer. I guess it still varies with the thickness of the lips. :P

Here's what it looked like on my lips after 5 hours. I even ate lunch and it's still there! Awesome, right?

Lasting power is very impressive as seen on the photo. Plus, even if it's long-lasting and pigmented, it didn't dry my lips nor caused any chapping.

What I LIKE :

- Long-lasting
- Rosy scent
- No drying/chapping
- Pigmented
- Available in 10 shades
- Not sticky
- Affordable
- Packaging


- Availability is limited. Hopefully Holika Holika can open more stores soon. But I believe you can order online if you are far away from SM Fairview. :)

Would I buy again? I probably will try the other shades too such as Dream Girl or Baby Coral. :D

So what are your thoughts on Holika Holika's Pro Beauty Tinted Rouge in Red Carpet? Would you wear a red shade like this or do you prefer pink or nude ones?


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  1. Wow! I can understand why you love red lippies! Your lips are more well-defined with it! :) And great staying power for this ha! I do hope Holika Holika opens more branches soon! :)