Saturday, July 09, 2011

Fauna Nail Arts for my Classmates

 I've been doing a lot of nail arts lately and some of my classmates really love them. They've requested I put some on their nails as well. So I did! It's a good way to practice for me anyway. :P

 The first one to request for my "nail art service" is Kaila. You've might seen her from some of my previous posts on makeovers. She happened to ADORE my Sparkly Pink Leopard Print Nail Art and asked if I could put it on her nails.

 (Thanks, Kaila for the picture! :P)

Then a few days ago, my Tokwa friends (It's a random name we call our group), namely Renz, Abby, and Anna wanted some as well.

So I made a metallic Zebra Print on Renz and Abby. I even put the letters of their name on the nails of their left hand.

 This is Renz's.

 See the letters R E N Z?

 And this one is Abby's.
A B B Y here. Picture is a little blurry and the shine made the last two letters not as noticeable. :P

And then a Yellow Tiger Print on Anna's nails. 

See how much she loves it? :P

Her mom even thought she got it made from a nail salon. Haha!

With all these nail arts I did this week, I think I'll only put a plain one on me. Haha! Still figuring which color though. :P