Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MAKEOVER: Kaila Funks It up!

Meet one of my favorite classmates ever... Kaila!

Yes, yes I know... my friend is just as gorgeous as I am.

Being my groupmate, 
I performed the privileged task of prettifying her up even more!

Makeup Base: The Face Shop Makeup Base (Violet), Kryolan Eye Makeup Base
Foundation: Maybelline clear smooth foundation, 4U2 (no.3)
Contour: DollFace Cosmetics Contour palette
Concealer: DollFace Cosmetics Concealer Palette
Eyeshadows: DollFace Cosmetics 88 palette,Prestige Cosmetics My little black book eye lip and face palette
Eyeliners:  Nichido liquid eyeliner (black), Nichido Eye Contour Pencil (Blackest Black and Nice Gal), MAC eyeliner in Bountiful Brown
Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes
Blushes: Skin 79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Cheek, NARS Orgasm
Lipstick/gloss: Chanel Glossimer (Magnifique), Personi lipstick in Fuschia Pink


Warming up for the camera

Sheesh! Happy smile!

Unusual shades to perk her eyes up. Yellow, Purple and Blue, with a heavy dose of winged eyeliner!

Doesn't she look like Cristine Reyes here, a local celebrity?

Favorite shot! Forced her to sit in between the generators, haha!

I hope you like these shots! 



  1. she's stunning! i like here face without makeup!

  2. she's pretty i love the look you did on her.. that winged liner looks HAWT

  3. In fairness, she does look like Christine Reyes in that shot. :) The last shot is amazing, nice concept!