Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Color of the Day is Blue: NOTD and a new Bag!

Hello lovely readers!

Blue is such a pretty color, don't you think? I remember it used to be my favorite when I was in my pre-teens. Haha! Anyway, I've been doing a lot of nail arts on my nails and on friend's that I kind of want a plain one. I chose this color, Chic Nail Polish in Blue Velvet. This is actually Liz's. :P

Love how it makes my fingers look clean and fair. :P

Last week I bought a red satchel bag from Cole Vintage. My sister uber loves it so when she went to Robinson's Ermita, she bought the blue one as well! Good thing they still have one in stock. She told me everything else were out of stock except for the grey one!

 This was the one I was supposed to get but red just looks better with my college uniform. I'm so happy my sis bought it. <3

 We have 2 satchels now! Yayyy for pretty, pretty things! I want more! :P

*Btw, sorry if we've been very inactive in our blog lately. I'm busy with school and thesis and my sister, Tracy is preparing to go to Germany for a month. 



  1. pretty satchels! the colors are so vibrant. =))

  2. Looove the bags! :D Blue was my fave color too back in HS. Hihi

  3. Thanks, girls! :) I wish to buy more of these bags. Hope they get some more in-stock or a I discover another brand that sells them besides the cambridge ones. :P