Friday, July 08, 2011

My New Red Satchel Bag

 I've never owned a satchel bag. But lately, I've been seeing a lot of them and I guess I'm growing fond of them as well.

Yesterday, I was with my mom and brother at Robinson's Ermita. While my mom was browsing for blouses in a store called "Cole Vintage," I noticed one of their display bags. It was a blue satchel bag. I really thought it was cute but it won't look well with my college uniform so I asked one of the saleslady there if they have a red one... and they do! So... tadaaaa! My very own red satchel bag!!!

 I just love the color! Very bold... and red! haha. :P

Here's what it looks inside.

It's very affordable compared to the cambridge satchel that has been very popular nowadays. This Cole Vintage one is only Php.1,099.00 (although the quality isn't as good). If you wanna know more about Cole Vintage, visit their site or their facebook page! :)

My classmates really love it! I won't be surprised if one of them will be carrying one by next week. haha! :D



  1. I really love itttt as in!! haha kung di lang ako nagtitipid for thesis, nagimpulse buying na ko at pumunta na kong cole vintage. HAHAHA

  2. may maliliit din dun, tatie. Not sure how much they are though. :P

  3. I love the red color, I only like satchel if it's screaming loud (like yellow or red). Nice buy. :)

  4. Me too, Dang! I would like to get my hands on the Blue one soon. :P

  5. Nice satchel, and I love the color you chose! -Mar