Sunday, September 19, 2010

Collective Sister Haul!

Hey girls!

  • SM MOA Mallwide Sale! Great deals @ Watson's. Did not dare go to Marionnaud for fear of bankruptcy.
  • Manila Book Fair @ SMX was not as good as expected - couldn't find affordable philosophy books. Almost all of them are ridiculously priced!
  • Birthday shopping! Dawn's turning 21 on September 25! Watch out for our giveaway!

VMV Hypoallergenics Superskin 3 Set (25% off)
Spring Cleaning Primer - Clindamycin Phosphate Retinoic Acid (PhP 600)

Trace: Splurged on a complete set because my skin is irritated with my previous routine. I used to adore Beauche - finished up to three sets! - but it has now made my skin very red and sensitive. I have to get it back on track.

Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color in Burgundy (PhP 215)
Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub 135g (PhP 80)

For Dawn's haircoloring needs, Kolours is a fave! Bought Lulur too because of the great posts propping up - read the awesome review by Liz of Project Vanity. Oh yeah, we salivate over blog recommendations so keep them coming!

Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara (for Trace) 
Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Mascara at PhP 343. 20 (for Dawn)

Because we will never stray! Maybelline Mascaras are unbelievably lovable! My dog Aquinas agrees! =)

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black at PhP 359.20
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Offbeat Pink PhP 125 
E.L.F. Cosmetics Studio Corrective Concealer at PhP 244.75 

Enticed by your recommendations! And what a pleasant surprise from Ever Bilena - a really good lip product.

In2it Oil-Control/Oil Free Powder Foundation in Warm Beige - on sale at PhP 551.75 (for Dawn)
In2it Oil-Control/Oil Free Powder Foundation Refills in Soft Beige and Warm Beige - on sale at 373.75 each! (for Trace)

Smooth finish and glorious reviews here and there for In2it's prized foundation! Thanks for the thumbs up for this one, Pammy (Hawaiian Punchie) and Donna (MyLucidIntervals)! Affordable, too.

The Body Shop Festive Glow Candle Set 
(Merry Cranberry, Black Velvet Apricot and Nutmeg and Vanilla )
From PhP 1095 to PhP 547.50!

Pretty little things, but the scent is not as intense as the oil burner! Doesn't fill the room. At least my lemming has been appeased now.

The Body Shop Matte and Shimmer Cheek Color in 01 (from PhP 895 to PhP 447.50)
The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner Sample (free for being a LYB member!)

Dawn and Trace


  1. wow! major haul! i wanted to go rin sana, but really busy this weekend. -_- and i already splurged on the paul & joe private sale so no go!

    enjoy your new stuff, and of course the lulur. post the reviews kk?

  2. Definitely! :) I like the LULUR scrub. I've been looking for a good whitening scrub, buti na lang I saw your review! The smell is amazing!

    Good thing I wasn't at the P&J private sale. Or else... Hahaha. I'm excited to see the shades you got!

  3. "Did not dare go to Marionnaud for fear of bankruptcy."

    LOL really love the sense of humor. I am tempted to try Maybelline Mascara, which one would you recommend? I am looking for one that is similar to Tarte Waterproof Mascara, all my other mascaras weigh down my curled eyelashes, except for the Tarte Waterproof Mascara.

  4. Fish Fish - the ones here are our top 2 mascaras! Dawn allowed me to try her magnum mascara and it doesn't weigh my lashes down. =) I have stick straight thick lashes so mascaras usually drag them down, but these variants from maybelline are awesome. I am not sure if they are available in the US though =(

  5. "Did not dare go to Marionnaud for fear of bankruptcy."

    That's what's going on my mind when I went to MOA yesterday! But I did spend a bit for some Wet n Wild items! Wet n Wild has 10% off on all items! I suggest checking Wet n Wild out! It's affordable but most of its products are at par with high end brands. I love their nail polishes (just 99 pesos and 199pesos depending on the type. I was so surprised that it applies the same if not better my OPI's! I went back earlier to get more! I currently have 15 nail polishes from Wet n Wild! I recommend the Wild Shines for just 99 pesos and the Craze for 199. The Megalast nail polishes are ok but the colors are very basic, but the Wild SHines and Craze have some amazing colors!) The Megalast lipsticks are amazing too and it's just 199 - I recommend the shade JUST PEACHY. It's a nice peachy pink and both of you will like it! The single eyeshadows are so smooth and pigmented and just 99 pesos! Wet n wild is becoming my favorite drugstore cosmetic brand!

  6. nice haul! yay for maybelline mascaras^^ oh, would love to know your review on those vmv products.advance happy birthday to Dawn~ xoxo

  7. Hi Hedley! Wow, thank you for your W&W rave! =) My sis and I actually checked out the stall but left immediately because we were looking for something specific: a matte pink lipstick! Sayang we weren't able to bump into each other again!

    Will definitely check out the Wild Shines and Craze polishes! Perfect, since we are just building our collection! And how nice of you to recommend a peachy-pink color for the both of us! =)

    Locke - definitely! I've been using the green line (no toner yet) for two days now and it definitely calmed my skin down, and did not induce breakouts. I'm not as red and patchy as last week :)

  8. great haul! that EB off beat pink is exactly what i was looking for! :)

    happy birthday, dawn! :)

  9. Thanks Trace. They have it here! I am going to buy one to try one of these days.