Sunday, June 27, 2010

How to deal with Eyebrows

Trace writes: The face framers make a difference – I (T) used to neglect my eyebrows until a Laura Mercier MUA from Rustan’s Essences, Robinson’s Place told me to fix them up because they suck. No, she really really didn’t say that, but I knew she meant it that way!

Anyway, the formulas can be confusing – as cosmetic companies keep making all sorts of products to tempt us hopeless consumers - but you can take your pick as regards to what’s good for you based on the following pictures and reviews:

Bare eyes

Eyebrow Mascara/Wax

Review: As a mascara, it tames the brows well and gives only a slight brownish hue. So if your eyebrows are thick and black (D) or if they are sparse and light, this may not work for you – the former because it may give you a weird off-brown color, and the latter because it’s not super pigmented to allow you to shape your eyebrows. However, if you use an angled liner brush and take some of the wax off the mascara brush and draw on your brows, you can make it work! This product is cheap too (this was ordered from, but there may be stocks already at Watson’s outlets that carry E.L.F. products) and includes an eyebrow grower mascara (clear side).

Brow Pencil

Review: The shade is unmatchable – this is a soft gray pencil that really flatters most people since it is neither too light nor too dark for Filipinas. For women with dark brown to black hair, it may look weird to sport brown eyebrows, so this shade does the trick. The sad thing? We sisters hate constant sharpening to use makeup pencils! And this product will definitely not last long because of this need to achieve the perfect tip for drawing the eyebrows =(


Review: This is pretty sulit in our book because it’s dual purpose – it’s a nice, pigmented eyebrow shader and a basic, cool to neutral brown eyeshadow! One of the best investments – I (T) have had mine for two years now and it will last a couple more. Get yourself an angled eyebrow brush to go with it.

FINAL PICTURE: MAC E/S in Espresso, NYX beige concealer as eye base, curled lashes! Voila!


  1. Thanks for this info. I've recently been trying to groom my brows.

    My sister also uses eyeshadow as her brow color. :)

  2. First comment! :) Thank you. I have to admit, doing brows is still difficult for me to get perfectly done, but I am experimenting!

    Cheers! =) - Trace

  3. I have really thin eyebrows, even before the first time I plucked them. is the mac espresso available in manila?

  4. Hello Pee! Yes, just go to any MAC counter and request for that shade =)