Saturday, June 26, 2010

When Pretty Things Die...


Trace's Note: First picture's taken from (Entry) and the terrifying ones were captured last night. Rest in pieces, my Yves Saint Laurent Signes D' Orient, Fall '06 Collector Powder For Eyes and Complexion (MUA Reviews). You have served me well - I tried my best to keep you around intact! But hey, I'm still housing your dust for highlighting and bronzing - sorry for an old MMU jar for an urn. See, at death, you still have use. That's love.


  1. aww.. it was so pretty! I'm sorry it broke. :(

  2. Ouch! It's not even mine but I felt the pain.

  3. Yes, I tried to keep the compact together by (gasp!) spraying alcohol so that the particles will stay together. But after a month of doing this, I guess it just gave up on me hahaha.

    It's such a great highlighter pa naman! :( - Trace

  4. Awww. So sad that it broke. :(