Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color in Burgundy

Dawn writes:

This is the fourth time I have colored my hair at home. I used to patronize Garnier Nutrisse in Burgundy. Though it was cheap @ PhP 299 and the formula smelled nice, I was not happy: you could only see the reddish brown tinge on your hair when walking under the sun, and the color faded easily… Because eventually, you couldn’t tell the difference between the new hair growth and the dyed part =(

So here comes the replacement: Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color in Burgundy. It’s a local product that only costs around PhP 235 – affordable, right? It boasts of being formulated for Asian hair that’s dark and naturally color-resistant.

The verdict? I love it because it does what it says quite well – the strands are effectively colored (so I can see when I should re-color my hair again) and the shade doesn’t fade. It is so easy to use since everything you need, from the gloves to the mixing bottle, are all in the pack! It is also widely available: you’ll find one in most Watson’s outlets nationwide.

It’s so good I even managed to convince my bestfriend to buy it! So if you’re looking to use some DIY hair coloring kit, support our locally-made yet super impressive product!


  1. Is the color noticeable even if you're not under direct sunlight? how many months does it take before you can color your hair again?

    I bought the same color based on your review hehe.. :)

  2. Hi Bibzki! It still gives off a reddish-brown sheen on your hair if not under direct sunlight. But not as vibrant. :) I color my hair depending on the length of the new hair growth kasi. Usually around 4 months since my hair doesn't grow fast. :)