Tuesday, June 22, 2010

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Nature Review

Trace writes:  So I was fortunate enough to win the Hair in Manila contest and I had to chance to meet the lovely Y2 @ L’Oreal (the office smells like an uptown beauty salon)!

I was able to get two products for my pleasure: the L’Oreal Douceur d'Huiles Shampoo and the Masque aux Huiles Treatment, both for rebellious and unruly hair. What’s nice about these products is that they boast of being organic. They have no parabens, no silicones, and no artificial scents that commercial shampoos and conditioners have. You gotta love that even the packaging is 100% recycled. And the best part is I got them for free! Lookie:

L’Oreal Douceur d'Huiles Shampoo - P740
L’Oreal Masque aux Huiles Treatment - P1,098
Cute Paperbag, which I assume is recycled, too!

So what’s the picture? I just had 6 inches of frizzy, rebonded hair chopped off! Now I am left with my natural hair – very thick, wavy bordering on curly, black as night – and yes, rebellious and unruly. Waking up with this eggnest on my head reminds me why I get my hair straightened and treated every 6 months. So I am happy I am getting these two products to try before and after my 6-hour pampering session this month.

What am I expecting these two items to do? Well, naturally I don’t think these will straighten my hair. TV commercials have been playing around with us forever – promising fantastic hair after every wash (shi-nam-poo ko lang yan!) – but they don’t always do the trick. Even if they’re filled with shine-coating chemicals and tons of bubbles and nauseating flowery scents, salon perming/relaxing/straightening sessions as well as styling tools and products are imperative to make your hair ridiculously pretty. That is, unless you’re one of those gorgeous aliens like Georgina Wilson or Isabelle Daza, who prefer to live on earth to spite us lesser humans. Okay, bitter.

So I am smart enough to just hope that the two L’Oreal products will tame the lion’s mane a bit, lessen the frizz and the waves, and make it soft to the touch. And eventually be great maintenance products after I spend half of a laborer’s monthly minimum wage and get my hair rebonded.

What do I think?
(1)   I don’t like the smell. It smells very rich and amber-y; must be the rice bran and olive oil combinations. Good thing the scent doesn’t last after rinsing!
(2)   Being all-natural, the shampoo doesn’t bubble up – I’ve had the same experience with Ilog Maria’s organic shampoo. I was a bit annoyed that I’m using much product to clean my scalp and strands but after rinsing the product out, my head felt super clean and my hair very silky.
(3)   The masque is very good. You don’t need much product to condition. Enough said.
(4)   After air-drying, the effect is the slightly similar when I use Kerastase’s Oleo-Relax shampoo and masque on my natural hair! Now that is a BIG COMPLIMENT.

Honestly, I probably won’t buy these two products after I get my hair rebonded since I think there are cheaper alternatives to make hair look good and healthy – I prefer to use real olive oil or coconut oil before shampooing and conditioning. I also plan on trying cheaper organic shampoos and conditioners like Human Heart Nature's products. But overall, the experience is pretty nice! So if you have the budget and are looking forward to going green, try this line!

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