Sunday, June 20, 2010

Inauguration: Straight Talk with the Sisters

With the rise of Filipina beauty blogs out there, what can we offer to our dear readers?

Double swatches. We both have different features – one of us is a warm-skinned NC30 mestiza who looks good in peach and the other is a NC25 chinita who’s pretty in pink (and guess who’s younger).  In fact, we don’t even look like we are siblings – just look at our eyes! So if you read this blog, you will have more accurate and useful kikay information to refer to.

Clear Pictures. Equipped with a dSLR, an experimental eye, and an army of UST advertising arts students to assist our aesthetic needs - we promise nothing but vivid pictures for your reference and enjoyment!

Honest to goodness write-ups. As blog beginners, we will first feature our favorite beauty discoveries – no ads and promos, just unblemished opinion! While we are open to testing and reviewing products in the future (who doesn’t want free stuff??), we want to start out as giggly girls enamored with color pots and pans and are simply excited to share what we think.

Neutral and Experimental makeup in one show. This is a bipolar blog – sometimes you’ll see eye-friendly makeup, at other times you will gaze on adventurous splashes of color. And it is all because the two of us are utterly different personalities to begin with. With this in mind, wouldn’t you agree that our features can do justice to the fickle-minded?

Bath, Body and Skincare reviews. But of course, aren’t beauty blogs incomplete without them? Scrubs and tubs, puffs and bubbles, fumes and fragrances – BRING IT!

Welcome, and we hope you will enjoy!

Dawn and Trace

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