Friday, June 30, 2017

May-June (2017) Haul

Hey dolls!

I've been having troubles deciding on my next steps in life. Haha! I am still nowhere near completing my thesis for grad school and I dunno if I should start a business or find a higher paying job. LOL 

One thing is certain, I still like buying beautiful things. And that is why I need to decide ASAP! #PressureMuch

Anyway, here are the latest products I added to my beauty and also art and home supplies:

First off, my package from Althea last month:
Healthy Vinegar Skin Toner in Wine - PhP 480.00

It's in wine!!! Haha! Well, I have read that apple cider vinegar is good for the skin so even though this is not exactly the same thing, might as well give it a try. Haha! 

Nightingale Eraser Toner Daily Derma Astringent in Fresh Peach - PhP 770.00

I actually just browsed Althea in search of a new toner so that I can just join in with my officemates in their order so that we don't have to pay individual shipping fees. I ended up buying two toners and other things. LOL

4D Pore and Balance Solution Foam Cleanser - PhP 240.00

It's My Cushion Case in Pink - PhP 235.00

I've been intrigued with this since I saw it some months ago. I have some extra foundations and skin care lying around that I want to finish and I thought that I can create a personally mixed cushion. 

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch - PhP 50.00

Because eye patches are LOVE!

During the start of the month, I shared a press release from Daiso showing some of their new items. The post also got me interested to check them out again and I bought some stuff!

Markers and Drawing Ink - PhP 88.00 each

A drawing ink that's affordable at that size! Woot! Gonna share some of my works using that soon. ;) 

Mini Dustpan and broom
Kitchen Sponge for bottles (I use this for my big thermos)
PhP 88.00 each

Laundry Bag and Baby Wipes
Handy for traveling!

Cooling Mat for pets
PhP 88.00

My pet shih tzu loves using this! 

Yoga Mat - Php 88.00
It's not as thick as I want it to be but I actually have an older one (that's as thin as this one) that I place underneath this.

 Dishwashing liquid - PhP 88.00

I also bought other items like a hand bag with red stripes design, some cake and chocolate decorating tools, and an ice cream scoop!

 Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash in Chamomile Cool
I forgot the price. Haha! My friend Helen recommended this. I have yet to use it as I'm finishing the one I currently have.

It's also my first time visiting a Mumuso store! I went to their Fishermall branch. These are the items I brought home...

Banana Milk Beautiful Skin Shower Gel - PhP149.00
 The smell is soooooo gooooood! I even use this as hand soap so I can smell it often. Haha

Spring Hydrating Spray - PhP 88.00

I like facial mist and I just got curious about this one because it is unscented. I actually like fragrant once but I have an officemate who doesn't like floral scented ones so just for the office, I have an unscented one. 

Not in the photos are a square handle comb and cotton pads, both PhP 88.00

And finally, I took advantage of BeautyMNL's mid year sale. Wooot! 

 PRO Studio Beauty Exclusive 10-Piece Expert Class Oval and Linear Brush Set
PhP 999.00 from PhP 2,800.00

I've always wanted a set. I like the finish of my makeup when I have this brush. I alternate it with my beauty blender.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara 
PhP 174.00 from PhP 249.00

My brows badly need this.

#InWithTheBold Bundle 1: 
1 Listerine Healthy White (500ml) + 2 Maybelline Loaded Bolds (Pitch Black & MidnightDate) - PhP 599.00 from PhP 823.00

I AM IN LOVE WITH MIDNIGHT DATE! Stay tuned for the swatch post! 

And that's all the products I bought! Haha! Which ones are you most excited about for a review? Let me know!



  1. Curious about that mouthwasH :) Want to see if it works for you

    1. So far it performs well as a mouthwash. It's not stingy at all... It reminds me of Oracare products. As for the whiteness of my teeth, I barely see a difference. I drink tea daily so staining can be an issue. As of now, I don't see a difference so it's probably working? :P