Friday, June 23, 2017

Event: Showcase Your Bold Beauty with Ever Bilena

Hello loves!
Last Wednesday, I attended a blog event! Yeah, you heard that right. I finally attended one after probably two years of skipping. As much as I had fun going to these events and learning the newest in the health and beauty scene, I had to sacrifice it so I could make time with work and studies. Now that I'm taking a break from finishing my post grad stuff, I have time again to join in the fun and get to hang with old blogger friends! 

I do have to admit that I was a bit nervous to return to that scene. I don't know if some of the bloggers that I had the pleasure to hang out with back then would still recognize me. I also had the feeling that this event is gonna be big because it was held at White Space, Makati. Other than my slight nervousness, I was also embarrassed because I was almost an hour late! A huge fire occurred at one of the places that we passed by on our way to the venue. It caused heavy traffic and rerouting. :(

 When I finally arrived, I saw so many familiar faces! Friendly faces greeted me and I was able to catch up with most of them! I was welcomed by the Project Vanity team as well and explained to me the instructions regarding the activities for this event. 

The venue was divided in four. At the left most side is the area where you can eat. Food and drinks were available and I must say, I love the skewers and the fried wanton nacho fusion (I don't know the exact name of that food). The right most side has a photography studio set up. At the middle, you get to see makeup stations complete with mirrors, lights, chairs, and makeup and tools. Across it are counters filled with Ever Bilena products just like the one on the photo below.

The main activity was to choose one of the looks that are considered current beauty trends which you see at the photo above. Each look has at least three Ever Bilena product as its key items to create the look. Each guest will pick one and will get the items needed (we get to take them home too! Yippee!) and proceed to the makeup station where we try to attempt to recreate the chosen makeup look.

The walls have the different looks displayed that we can use as our references aside from the given sketch. They were modeled by the beautiful ambassadors of the brand—Diana Menezes and Loisa Andalio.

Check out the bloggers and influencers getting busy with their makeup application.

While the makeup stations were full, I browsed the counters to check out the different products from EB.

I really wanted to try any of these cleansers. I'm curious about how it works since it claims to cleanse the skin, remove makeup, whiten, and one can even tighten pores. I was able to use the makeup remover when I removed the swatches I made. The remover was really effective for it completely wiped off the waterproof makeup I applied. It doesn't feel too oily or greasy too.

I also noticed the liquid lipsticks! Check out the swatches below (Thanks Tellie for letting me take a photo of the swatches you made! Haha!).

Left to Right: Private Beach, Chocolate Truffle, Jet Setter, Skinny Dip, Fire Opal, and Hotel Heiress

Oh, we were also welcome to borrow any of the testers in one of the counters for our looks. The other counter, on the other hand, is equipped with more stocks of the products which the guests can buy on a discount.

From the nine looks to choose from, I chose to try and create Sunrise Pink. I chose this because I think it's one of the ones that I can get creative but not TOO creative (if you get what I mean). I stayed away from the most colorful one because I will have dinner with friends after this event. Haha!

Sunrise Pink has a strong pink blush accompanied with nude eyeshadow and lips. A clean and precise brows are also important to help frame the face. That being said, to create the look, the key products are the Ever Bilena Matic Brow Liner in Earh, Cheek Blush in Shy, and Matte Lipstick in Skin.

Before I proceeded with my makeup, here's a selfie with my makeup buddy, Tellie of Beauty by Tellie. Yeah, she uses my shoulder as her prop for her poses.

Aside from the given products, I also used some of the tools and makeup available at the booth. The testers were unused too and the mini blending sponges were adorable! I was able to try their eyeliners. The black pen type liquid eyeliner was really black and easy to use. It dries pretty quickly after application. I also used the eyeshadow palette that Tellie has (the colorful one at the photo above), mostly the yellow one for highlight.

Check out Tellie posing seductively while applying makeup. Haha! I noticed back when we had our overnight that she does smile and pose a lot when applying makeup. Haha! 

And just look at how pretty her makeup turned out! She picked the most colorful and probably the hardest one to do among the selections, Color Shift. I kept calling her a spring goddess!

Look who's also in the event! It's my good friend Helen of Lucky Citrine! She chose the Brow Story makeup look.

And here's how it looks! Haha! I added a black winged liner to the look. 

After applying the makeup, we proceeded to having our photos taken. Check out how my photos looked like below.

I wish I fixed my hair before going to the photo studio set up. Haha!

I find the matte lipstick in Skin too pale so I added a hint of color.

And yeah, I took a lot of selfies... and yeah, I already narrowed it down to a smaller number than it originally was. Haha!

BUT WAIT! There's more!!!

We were able to get a sneak peek of the new products to watch out for from Ever Bilena!

They have mascaras, brow pens, liquid lipsticks and highlighters! Woooooot!
Which one is my fave? The highlighters, of course!

Just check out the swatches...

They are so smooth and buttery and not chalky! It's a must-try!

Another one to look-out for is the brow pens. They dry on skin pretty quickly and will stay put until the time I used makeup remover.

The darker shade would work well with my dark brows!

I wasn't able to try the mascaras, but four new kinds will be released soon! I wonder which one gives the best volume and length. 

And check out these liquid lipsticks!! These are the classic matte lipsticks of the brand but in liquid form!

(Thanks for swatching these, Helen!)

And there are new shades too!

From left to right: Juno, Serena, Thalia, Aphrodite, Aura, and Iris

These new products will be at Ever Bilena counters either on July or August so you better watch out for them, especially the highlighters and liquid lipsticks. The rest of the year will indeed be more colorful with these in your stash. ;)

And that's all I can report about the event. For more info about Ever Bilena and their products, do check out their WEBSITE
and social media pages:

Do you think I was able to achieve a Bold and Beautiful face? What do you think of my attempt to create the Sunrise Pink look?



  1. UGH ang ganda ng lippies and highlighters!!!! Wonder if their mascaras are any good?

    1. I haven't tried them but I'm hoping they are! It would be great to have an affordable mascara!

  2. Those highlighters are out na!!!

    Hahaha thanks sa pagpapaunlak ng aking vogue-ing ate Dawn :))

    1. Nice! I'll check an EB counter as soon as I can.

      And you're always welcome to do your vogue-ing whenever I'm around, Ms. Tellie. Haha! <3