Monday, June 12, 2017

Minako Aino-Inspired Makeover

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday, my friend Nico (who I also call Yuki) came over so we can do a practice makeup for her latest cosplay character—Minako Aino. 

Here's what we did...

But before all the makeover details, who is this Minako Aino?

She's popularly known as Sailor Venus from the anime and manga Sailormoon!
She's also my favorite Sailor Warrior! ;) Here's a link to her wikipage for more info.

Nico and some of her friends have this project to recreate the cast of Sailormoon but not in their traditional Sailor warrior costume. They'll create a J-street fashion version inspired from the characters they'll play.

My friend is still the process of creating an outfit. But since it's not yet ready, she brought a different outfit. That big red bow is part of the outfit and she made it herself!

She asked me if I could help her with her makeup so she came over and I taught her how to apply makeup. 

Nico already has clear skin so I advised her to just go with a BB cream and don't make the face matte with powder. She already has dry skin so adding moisturizer or face oil would help a lot so her face won't get cakey.

The key element in this makeup look is a fierce eye with hints of orange and gold; a bold winged liner; and orange lipstick with gold as well.

And voila! See more of her photos below.

Look at her selfie with Mr. Pickles and my phone (the case is Sailormoon).

Oh, I also used a yellow-gold highlighter and it instantly made her skin glow!

Her eyes are already big and wide so I didn't opt to apply so much eyeliner. I did define the contours of her eyes and cheeks.

The makeup looks good one her that she can even do it for everyday makeup!

All photos are taken by Nico on her cellphone. :P

So what do you think of this makeover?


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