Sunday, June 04, 2017

A'Pieu Half and Half Color Stick in CR01

Hey loves!

A few months ago, I was curious about those two-tone lipsticks that Laneige brought out... Curious but not enough to actually buy a tube. Laneige is not a cheap brand and I already own dozens of lip products so I ceased myself from buying one.

But while browsing Althea's website, I encountered this product that was discounted. I thought that it was very affordable and it's a chance for me to try a two-toned lippie.

A'Pieu Half and Half Color Stick

You can currently get this at Althea for PhP 209.00 from it's original price of PhP 279.00.

The shade I got is CR01. I picked this because it's peachy pink! ;)

Here's a product info from

Below are pictures of labels on the packaging:

Expiration date is indicated. And woah, it's 2019!

The design is very simple. It's like the usual crayon lipstick. You can twist the end to get the product out.

The two shades are equally divided.

Below are the swatches:

The one on top, you see the swatch with the two shades while the one at the bottom is when you blend them together.

Below are pictures of my lips with the product:
With the gradient finish

Two tones blended together

Both finishes look great. The product glides easily on the lips. It claims that it's not just any regular lipstick, but it's also a lip balm. I do agree that my lips do feel soft and moisturized, but I find that the lippie tends to bleed into the lines of the lips.

I still like it though. My friends said that it looks good on me and I really think that it's a good buy considering the price. I recommend you check it out. :)

Do you also use two-toned lippies? From which brand? What color?


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