Saturday, June 17, 2017

Essence: Lipliner 11 in the Nude

Good evening bellas,

I've recently started using lipliners again. For a long time, I've never really liked using lipliners and it's quite funny why I avert from using them. When I was young, my aunt applied a dark shade of lipliner on me. I don't really remember how my lips looked before that time, but when I noticed the natural dark line defining the edges of my lips, I thought that was caused by the lipliner. This alarmed me when I was young and somehow, the idea got stuck in my mind that lipliners darken your lips.

Then, Dawn steered me back into seeing how the lipliners are good for me. I'm still not touching dark lipliners but at least I've started using nudes.

Here is the nude liner I've been using for the past few months. It's Essence Lipliner in 11 in the Nude.

I really love this lipliner. It glides on smooth and feels very light.

It lasts long and does not transfer easily. It's very wearable by itself.

I love that the color is so near to the hue of my natural lip. I've started using this over my nude lipsticks when going for a no make-up look since it looks so natural on me. Of course, I still do top it with a little gloss as by itself, it tends to make the lips look a little dry.

This lipliner is available in all Essence stall in Watsons and costs Php 99.00.

Anyway, that's it for now.


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