Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Miniso: 1+1 Hydro Glossy Lipstick

Hello beauties!

I'm sharing another product from Miniso, their 1+1 Hydro Glossy Lipsticks. These also cost Php 99.00 pesos each.

I will post an update later as to how many colors there are exactly in the collection. The two that we got are 04 Peach Red and 06 Berry Red.

These lipsticks are also Paraben Free. The full list of ingredient can also be found in the box it comes with.

There's really nothing impressive about the packaging though. I do have a few issues with the actual packaging of the lipstick as the cover pops off easily. So you can't just take this lipstick outside your make up kit as you risk having the bullet exposed to whatever mess is in your bag pocket or pockets.

Below we have the swatches of the two colors for your scrutiny.

On top is the peach red and the bottom is the berry red.

Peach red has some hints of orange though not obvious in the swatch picture.

Berry red's color however is nearer to a dark fuchsia pink on the bullet but is lighter in color once applied on the lips.

Here are some swatches when they are applied on the lips.

Bare lips

Peach Red

Berry Red

The lipstick glides very easily over the lips and feels quite light. It does however feel "waxy" which is different from the waxy-balmy feeling of a lip balm. The nearest I can describe it is the feeling of your hands after playing with candle wax. The feeling does go away once you're done applying.

The color is build-able but it does take a while to get it more intense. I have a hard time applying it over the middle part of the lips, the part closest to the mouth.This lipstick is better applied over dry, unchapped lips so you might find reapplication hard after drinking liquids.

They are NOT long lasting and you can be sure that after a meal, you'd need to reapply. Also, sadly, it does not leave a stain; once it's off, it's really off. However, it does not flake off the skin of the lips which is a good thing. I cannot say definitely that it is hydrating because as I said, my lips tend to feel waxed rather than hydrated whenever I use this lipstick.

So overall, this product is quite a decent find. It's a good product to use for your short shopping trips to places that aren't that fancy or a gift to someone just starting to explore make-up.

That is it for this post. Do tell me if there are any other cheap finds like this in other Php 100 peso stores which are worth trying.