Thursday, January 19, 2017

BeautyFix Nose Pack

Hello ladies,

I've been trying this nose pack from BeautyFix. It's a drugstore brand exclusively distributed by Watsons. I've been on a hunt for a replacement pore strip since last year because most of the Daiso stores I frequent don't have the charcoal mask nor the nose pack available.

This product costs Php 145.00 and is only available in 65g tubes.

I really like that the manufacturing date as well as the expiry date is clearly visible. Though I'm sure a lot of you will be able to finish this tube WAY before it expires but it's good to know when the product you are buying will expire.

The instructions for use are pretty straight-forward and similar to all types of pore strips. However, remember to always steam first. A good 5 to 10 minutes of steam over the face creates a really big difference in the amount of sebaceous filaments is taken out of your pores.

I know it says nose pack but I just can't help but use it all over. The product is not harsh and can be used even on slightly sensitive skin. My sister has a break-out prone skin and she's used this with me; so far, she hasn't noticed any break-outs after using this product.

Also the consistency of this product is much like your elmer's glue. It's quite easy to spread and dries thin even after you pile it on. I suggest applying about 2-3 layers as 1 layer will be too thin and will break off easily when you remove it. Also removal is not as painful as my favorite charcoal mask, so for that I give this a plus credit.

Here is the picture of how much sebaceous filaments this product has pulled out of my nose. My face felt super clean afterwards and as if it was breathing new air. This was already my second week trying it on. During my first trial, I skipped steaming my face and was only able to remove the small sebaceous filaments and some dead skin. So see how big a difference steaming can do?

For now I think I'll stick with this product as it's affordable and it works quite well. I'm just not sure about the whitening as I'm not good at noticing subtle changes (even really big leaps) in my complexion. The pore minimizing effect may also need sometime before I can attest to it. Will try to update this part once I see some changes.

Hope you liked this short post. It's already the end of the 2nd week of January and that means there's only two more weeks before we close the entry of our Hello 2017 Giveaway! Don't forget to join!


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