Monday, January 23, 2017

Tokyo Trip 2017 Haul

Hello loves!

I just got back last weekend from a week-long vacation trip at Tokyo, Japan. It was COOOOLD, but every place we visited was beautiful! I enjoyed all the sceneries and all the delicious food! Even the food from their convenience stores are yummmm! Konbini food rules!!! 

I also did some shopping, mostly art materials and beauty products. It was fun looking at items, but it can be quite intimidating because most are in Nihonggo and I have no idea what they are about or what they are even called. They are quite pricey too if you compare them to the prices of the same products in the Philippines or even in South Korea. But I love me some Japanese beauty products, especially their eye makeup and cleansing lotions. So I still splurged some money and bought some goodies to take home with me. And in this post, I'll show them to you. ;)

 Miracle Romance Clear Compact Face Powder

I actually do not need this. I have quite a number of face powders at home... but it's SAILORMOON!!! I just had to have it!

Bifesta Cleansing Lotions

I already bought two just because I love how effective it is while still being affordable.

Shiseido Rosarium Rose Water Mist

This smells amazing! I wanted to get the whole line... but I don't have the budget for it. I like mists though because it makes me feel refreshed so I chose to get the mist. I bought two because the other one is for my officemate (she requested that I get her a mist and she'll pay me when I get back).

More mists! A Ladanomy Collagen Mist and Freshel Skin Freshener

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

It was only 2.5k Yen, so why not?

I ran out of some skin care stuff so I bought these (they're pretty cheap and pretty good!)

Biore UV Aqua Rich Gel Lotion (GEL?! I wanna try!!!)
Tsururi Pore Cleansing Morocco Ghassoul Andes Salt Scrub Power Hot Stone
Shiseido Oil Blotting Paper

Aroma Resort Body Milk in Dreamy Bloom Rose
CoenRich Q10 Whitening Medicated Hand Cream

Another cheap buys I used to keep my skin moisturized... I also finished off all the lotions I brought with me. LOL

Heroine Make Beauty Charge CC Powder

Not only does it look cute, it's velvety smooth when I swatched it... so I bought one! Haha!

Club Airy Touch Mist (more mists! Haha! This is a gift from my aunt actually)
DHC Lip Cream (It's a pretty good balm to keep my lips hydrated)

Chacott for Professionals Finishing Powder
It was included in a beauty store's best seller list so I was curious to try it.

Club Maji Karu Base
A makeup base with SPF50 and tint? AWESOME!

KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER

I've always been curious about this when I swatched it in the PH counters. It was sold in a more affordable prize there so I got one so I can finally try it out

LIPS and HIPS products
Includes a Makeup Base, True Skin Foundation, Spot Cover, Skin Veil Powder, Ever Long Mascara, and a lippie!

I bought this set because it was 83% off! I was able to get six products for only 2k Yen!

Ummm... I don't know how to read the Hello Kitty Liner... but yeah, it's pretty much because it's Hello Kitty that I bought it. And Japanese eyeliners rarely let me down. ;)

The other one is another product I cant't read... I just wanna try another product that I'm not familiar with, to be honest. :P

Hurria Eye Gloss Clear
I wanna try the watery eyeshadow look!

KATE Eyebrow Color
Because I need to do something about my dark brows

My sister also requested I get her some eye products! I got her these:

Love Liner Liquid in Rich Black
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Dolly Wink Long Mascara

Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyebrow Pencil
Kanebo Media Eyebrow Pencil

That's all for the beauty haul... I shopped some more for art materials of course...

I wouldn't type each one anymore since it's not beauty related but I just wanna mention how awesome the store called Sekaido is! It's a building containing art materials! If you're looking for good pens, pencils, inks, and other drawing materials, then Sekaido is a must-visit!

And I just gotta share this beautiful package of their Meiji Chocolate! I got them as pasalubong for some friends. ;)

Finally, GREEN TEA / Matcha Food! I love green tea and I indulged myself with all the green tea drinks and desserts that I can when I was there. I also took home some which you can see above. Unfortunately, I didn't get those luxurious tea sets and real matcha leaves. Maybe next time...

Anyway, that's all for now. If you're interested to read a review about any of the products above, let me know in the comments below! ;)


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