Thursday, January 05, 2017

Miniso: Eyeliner Pencil + Eyebrow Pencil (Grey)

Good evening ladies,

I'd like to share with you a great eyeliner/eyebrow duo for a low price of Php 99 at Miniso. This was a last minute purchase and I did not really know that it was actually a duo, I just asked my sister to pick a grey brow pencil as I needed one to match my current hair color.

Miniso Eyeliner Pencil + Eyebrow Pencil

As you can see in the picture above this is a combination pencil. The eyeliner is more of a felt tip pen type rather than a pencil. These types of products are ones that I prefer buying as its more convenient to bring when you're travelling.

Here is the full ingredients list. Note that this is phthalates-free and paraben-free.

In as far as I know, this comes in two colors: brown and grey.

The felt tip eyeliner is very easy to use. It glides very smoothly over the lids and leaves a full line. The picture to the left shows the line it creates with one stroke. The picture to the left was taken after (very) vigorous rubbing. The product is actually very long lasting and is smudge-resistant. As long as you don't scratch your eyes vigorously, it stays put and does not go all over the place even with moderately oily lids by the end of the day.

The brow pencil is also quite easy to use. It glides smoothly and the color is build-able. The swatch above was taken after 1 swipe. I did not build up the color too much but trust me when I say it gets more pronounced as you add on.

Here is the photo I took at the start of my day. As you can see the eyeliner does a decent job. It does not "flake" and is not watery. It dries quickly enough as well. As for the brow pencil, I try to keep the color minimal to mimic a more natural appearing brow.

Both the eyeliner and brow pencil are long lasting and stays put even with a moderately oily face and lids. It does not leave that black line over your lid folds too. Both photos below were taken 10 hours after application of the product and no retouch was done along the whole day.

If you would look at the photo below, some the eyeliner is a little lighter in color than at the start of the day but the line still remains pretty much solid and smudge free.

Though I have not tried it on somebody with very oily skin so I cannot say if the results will be the same with them.

Clean up is also easy. No repeated scrubbing needed to take it off. Simply wet your Q-tip or cotton with cleansing water or make-up removers and press over your lids for a few seconds and the liner comes of wholly.

Before I summarize my review, I'd like to share other purchases we made at Miniso.

Especially these cute wet/dry headband which are just perfect for keeping your hair out of the way while you put on make-up or mask or when you just want to wash your face without your hair getting wet.

They've little cat ears on top. :)

Anyway, back to the eyeliner + eye brow pencil. I highly recommend considering this product if you're a little short in budget for a good eyeliner or eye brow pencil or as a gift if you'r on a small budget. It's my first time trying make-up sold at a 100 peso store and I'm glad it was a good purchase.

Have you tried the other make-up products at Miniso? Hope this can help you next time you're in a Miniso store.


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