Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hair Color: Reverse Hombre Experiment

Good evening ladies,

I've been quite obsessed with getting the right color of purple on my hair for the past two years; mainly because I've always wanted to color my hair in bright anime-like colors but couldn't as our school policy prohibits it. My hair has grown quite a bit from my last purple color and wanted to do a purple hombre this time instead. Since I was tight on budget, Dawn and I decided to do it ourselves.

Luckily, my brother is friends with the very pretty and nice owner of SerendipityBtq from whom I bought my bleaching set and hair color for a low price of Php 550.00 pesos.

This is a promo set which includes:

Hair Color (1) + Hair Solution Keratin + Bleaching Powder + Gloves + Hair Brush + Mixing Bowl

Hair color included is a Korean brand in 0/66 Violet.

Dawn has done a lot of hair coloring sessions before but this would be the first time we use a powder bleach. So for those who aren't sure how to go about it, the bleaching powder and oxidizing agent have a fairly complete instruction for use at the back.

But truth be told, Dawn and I winged most of it. We basically scooped a generous amount of the powder in the mixing bowl, added a generous amount of the oxidizing solution as well until the mixture was a bit bubbly and with the consistency of a shampoo.

For this we first rebleached my previously colored hair and let the hair rest for 1 week before rebleaching it. This first bleach followed the 20 minutes leave on time as stated in the tub. We then included my uncolored hair in the second bleach keeping the bleach about 1-2 cm away from my scalp. For this, we left the bleach on for about 3-5 hours. It was painful and my hair was like super dry after washing it off; but it does ensure that you get the light blonde color with less bleaching cycles.

Here is the end product of 2 bleaching cycles. Fortunately, my hair is super kind to me and did not have any split ends. Though I would have a lot of frizz to deal with after this, still, it was quite manageable.

After letting my hair rest for 30 minutes, we started with the colorant. It was a little tricky to do though since we only had 1 tube and my hair had grown at a significant length. We almost did not have enough to cover everything. Fortunately, we were able to cover everything evenly with a lot of ingenuity on Dawn's part.

The initial plan was to have a gradient showing the black/dark brown roots lighten up to an eventually obvious purple colored ends. However, during the wash off, the previously bleached hair started getting lighter, from purple, to lavender, to powdered lavender to an eventual grey - much to my initial horror.

However, it felt so innovative and unique that I started liking it. And as you can see in the two pictures here, It looks quite stunning in photos.

It also creates such an interesting effect when braided.

We colored my hair 1 week before Christmas and the purple has an amazing staying power.

I had my bangs cut during the first few days of January, after the 3rd wash, the purple is still quite visible. Plus, the fade out is much more to my liking than my previous ones, (brown, and bronze-y hue). The fade out goes to the following cycle, purple >> slightly blue-ish purple >> powdered purple >> greyish purple >> *hopefully* grey. According to a stylist at Vivere, the hair color is termed a reverse hombre.

We're not particularly sure why the purple was not taken up by the lighter/whiter tips. We're guessing the rest period prior to applying the colorant should have been longer. Still, we're pretty happy about the results.

If you want to try your own DIY reverse hombre or any DIY hair color, you can visit SerendipityBtq facebook page.

Here is their list of hair dye products:


🌸 Price List:
🔻 Hair Color + Hair Solution Keratin - P150.00 
🔻 Bleaching Powder - P350.00 
🔻 Keratin Jar - P300.00 

🌸 Promos
🔻 Hair Color + Hair Solution Keratin + Bleaching Powder + Gloves + Hair Brush + Mixing Bowl = P550.00 
🔻 2 Hair Dyes (100ML) + 2 Keratin Solution + Gloves + Hair Brush + Mixing Bowl = P350.00 

Shipping Fee: P100.00 Nationwide 
Open for meet ups. ❤️

They sell things other than hair dyes. Do check them out if you're interested.

Anyway, that's it for this post. Hope you like the reverse hombre we did. I actually bought two more tubes of the Collagen Colorant for when my purple starts to fade.


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